february 2017, arsenal cinema

12. Forum Expanded: The Stars Down to Earth

"The Stars Down to Earth": The search for ways to enable art to deal with an increasingly intangible reality provides an essential common ground between this year's selected works. Returning one’s gaze to earth seems more necessary than ever before. But how can film be used to capture something real when that concept seems increasingly hard to grasp? The films and installations of the 12th Forum Expanded approach this question by attempting both to look and listen as closely as possible. One person who has created a cinematographic oeuvre on the basis of these questions since the 1970s is James Benning. This year, he is represented by the three-channel installation UNTITLED FRAGMENTS. Purple colors emanate from the centre of the exhibition: Joe Namy's installation PURPLE, BODIES IN TRANSLATION – PART II OF A YELLOW MEMORY FROM THE YELLOW AGE examines beyond visual representation on the audio track the question of which details are lost in translation and what can ensue between subtitles and the image.

february 2017, arsenal cinema

47. Forum

This year's regional focus is on films from Latin America. We have six works from Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Argentina that represent a wide range of cinematic forms.

february 2017, arsenal cinema

Thomas Mauch, Cameraman and filmmaker

"Thomas Mauch, at least for Herzog, Kluge and me, is a cameraman to whom we owe part of our identity as filmmakers." (Helma Sanders-Brahms)

Thomas Mauch’s camera work was significant in shaping the aesthetic appeal and success of New German Film. In the past 50 years, Mauch has worked with directors as varied and unusual as Werner Herzog, Werner Schroeter, Alexander Kluge and Edgar Reitz. He was also the cameraman for a generation of female filmmakers, such as Helma Sanders-Brahms and Ula Stöckl, who translated their novel and very singular perspective to film in the 1970s and 80s. Many of the films for which Thomas Mauch was the cameraman won prestigious international prizes. His camera work also won him many German film awards.