September 2016, arsenal cinema

A Night and a Day with Med Hondo


Med Hondo is one of the most important pioneers of transnational political avant-garde cinema. He is interested in figurations in the geographies and historiographies of the Black Atlantic, the era of colonial expansion and post-colonial migrant experiences in Europe. He will be our guest at Arsenal and at silent green Kulturquartier on 24th & 25th September.

SARRAOUNIA (An African Queen, Burkina Faso/F 1986, 24.9.) At the very end of the 19th century, Sarraounia Mangou, a queen of the Azna, waged battle against the French Colonial Forces of the Voulet-Chanoine Mission in what is now southwestern Niger. The epic reenactment of an uprising that eventually failed is one of Med Hondo's central works. Other film material from Arsenal's archive will be shown at silent green on 25th September in the director's presence. Thank you to the Institut français/Cinémathèque Afrique, Paris, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V., Zentrum Moderner Orient (mhg/bk/ea)