March 2018, arsenal cinema

Berlin Premiere: WAS UNS BINDET


The mother gardens a lot, she makes jam, she picks mushrooms and looks after the home and the dog. The stubborn father likes to spend time away from home. He delivers pizza, dances at a carnival party and goes to Expo Milano. Although they split up almost 20 years ago, these two very different characters still live under the same roof in the Salzburg mountains, he cooped up in the basement, she upstairs in an apartment. The Berlin-based filmmaker Ivette Löcker focuses her tragicomic family portrait WAS UNS BINDET (Ties That Bind, A 2017) on this arrangement - the father has given her his half of his old farmhouse. She observes, asks questions and gets involved, speaking with sisters who live elsewhere and appearing in front of the camera as part of the family dynamics. Between closeness and distance, sympathy and feelings of guilt, sadness and humor, the family here and in general proves to be an ambivalent construction. (bik) (27.3.)