april 2014, berlinale forum

The Forum in Paris and Brussels

Both in Paris and Brussels selected films from this and last year's Forum program can be seen in April and May, curated and introduced by Birgit Kohler.

From April 3-9 the following films will be shown in the Goethe institute in Paris: HALBSCHATTEN (EVERYDAY OBJECTS) by Nicolas Wackerbarth (Germany 2013), VATERS GARTEN – DIE LIEBE MEINER ELTERN (FATHER'S GARDEN – THE LOVE OF MY PARENTS) by Peter Liechti (Switzerland 2013), AL-KHOROUG LEL-NAHAR (COMING FORTH BY DAY) by Hala Lotfy (Egypt 2013), IRANIEN (IRANIAN) by Mehran Tamadon (France/Switzerland 2014), CASSE (SCRAP YARD) by Nadège Trebal (France 2013), A BATALHA DE TABATÔ (THE BATTLE OF TABATÔ) by João Viana (Guinea-Bissau/Portugal 2013) and SIENIAWKA by Marcin Malaszczak (Poland/Germany 2013).

In Brussels the following programme can be seen at BOZAR on April 24-25 and May 6-7 at the Goethe institute: DAS MERKWÜRDIGE KÄTZCHEN (STRANGE LITTLE CAT by Ramon Zürcher (Germany 2013), A BATALHA DE TABATÔ, I USED TO BE DARKER by Matt Porterfield (USA 2013), CASTANHA by David Pretto (Brasil 2014), SIENIAWKA, SHE'S LOST CONTROL by Anja Marquardt (USA 2014) and AL-KHOROUG LEL-NAHAR.

march 2014, berlinale forum

Cinéma du Réel: Grand Prize for "Iranian"

IRANIAN by Meran Tamadon has received the main prize of the international competition at Cinéma du Réel in Paris. Te film documents an experiment: To open up a dialogue about diametrically opposed values and mental structures, the filmmaker living in exile initiates a meeting with clerics loyal to the regime in Iran. Over several days, the possibility of peaceful coexistence is explored.

march 2014, berlinale forum

Camera Award for "The Forest is Like the Mountains"

Christiane Schmidt has received the prize for best up-and-coming director of photography for her film PĂDUREA E CA MUNTELE, VEZI? (THE FOREST IS LIKE THE MOUNTAINS) at the International Women's Film Festival Dortmund / Cologne. The goal of the competiton is to focus attention on the camera work of women. This next-generation award – unique anywhere in the world –is conferred for best cinematography in the two fields of feature film and documentary film.

THE FOREST IS LIKE THE MOUNTAINS is Christiane Schmidt's graduation film which she directed together with Didier Guillain - a sensitive observation of a Roma village in the Romanian provinces, where a strong sense of community is what keeps things together.

march 2014, berlinale forum

Awards for "Blind Dates" in Sofia

SHEMTKHVEVITI PAEMNEBI (BLIND DATES) by Levan Koguashvili has received three awards altogether at the Sofia International Film Festival. In addition to the main prize of the international competition, the Georgian film was given the award for best director and the FIPRESCI award.

BLIND DATES tells of teacher and perennial bachelor Sandro, who falls for the mother of one of his pupils. When her husband is released from jail, Sandro is unwittingly drawn into his dealings, stoically going along with things instead of taking matters into his own hands.

february 2014, berlinale forum

Forum Repeat Screenings at Arsenal

As always, the Arsenal Cinema will be screening a selection of this year's Forum titles over the coming week: L'ENLÈVEMENT DE MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ (THE KIDNAPPING OF MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ) by Guillaume Nicloux, QUE TA JOIE DEMEURE (JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING by Denis Côté, IRANIEN by Mehran Tamadon, STO SPITI (AT HOME) by Athanasios Karanikolas, DAS GROSSE MUSEUM by Johannes Holzhausen and SHEMTKHVEVITI PAEMNEBI (BLIND DATES) by Levan Koguashvili.

february 2014, berlinale forum

The Prizes of the Independent Juries

The independent juries of the Berlinale have awarded prizes to five Forum films: The Award of the Conféderation Internationale des Cinémas D'Art et Essai (C.I.C.A.E.) was given to SHE'S LOST CONTROL by Anja Marquard. STO SPITI (AT HOME) by Athanasios Karanikolas received the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. The 24th NETPAC-Preis (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) was given ex aequo to CHOL-AE-KUM (A DREAM OF IRON) by Kelvin Kyung Kun Park and NON-FICTION DIARY by Jung Yoon-suk. The Tagesspiegel Readers' Jury awarded ZAMATOVÍ TERORISTI (VELVET TERRORISTS) by Pavol Pekarčík, Ivan Ostrochovský and Peter Kerekes and AL MIDAN (THE SQUARE) by Jehane Noujaim received the Amnesty International Award.

february 2014, berlinale forum

Caligari Award: "Das große Museum (The Great Museum)"

DAS GROSSE MUSEUM (THE GREAT MUSEUM by Johannes Holzhausen receives this year's Caligari Award. The Prize, presented by the German Association of Municipal and Cultural Cinemas in cooperation with the German magazine FILM-DIENST, includes a €4,000 endowment, half of which is given to the award recipient while the other half is used to fund the distribution of the winning film in Germany. In addition, the Trikoton company awards a blanket from their "Voice Knitting Collection" in which excerpts from Guiseppe Becce's score to the expressionist silent film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari are knitted into the design.

february 2014, berlinale forum

FIPRESCI Prize for "Forma"

The prize of the Internatioanl Federation of Film Critics for a film in the Forum's programme goes to FORMA by Ayumi Sakamoto. This year's jury was made up of Mihai Fulger, Luuk Imhann and Bettina Schuler.

february 2014, berlinale forum

TEDDY Awards for "Mondial 2010" and "Pierrot Lunaire"

Two films from the Forum Expanded program have received TEDDY Awards: MONDIAL 2010 by Roy Dib was awarded best short film. PIERROT LUNAIRE by Bruce LaBruce received the Special Jury Award. The jury statement reads: "The Teddy Jury would like to recognize Bruce LaBruce’s important new piece Pierrot Lunaire as a significant addition to his oeuvre, that continues to explore the notion of ‘Queer’ in every sense. Melding theatricality with edgy cinematic language, a remarkable performance by Susanne Sachse, with sophisticated use of music, Bruce recombines these elements to renew the classic avant-garde.

february 2014, berlinale forum

Think:Film Award for Amie Siegel

The Think:Film Award which was presented as part of Forum Expanded for the very first time this year goes to Amie Siegel for PROVENANCE. The award, established in cooperation with the Allianz Cultural Foundation, honors a work that creatively uses its medium in order to grasp and reflect geopolitical contexts artistically, to broaden the space of aesthetic experience, and to encourage mental changes of perspective. The award includes presentations at the Arsenal in Berlin and at the partner institution Cimatheque - Alternative Film Centre in Cairo. Jury members were Mohamed Beshir (Cairo), Marcel Schwierin (Berlin), Ala Younis (Amman).

february 2014, berlinale forum

Musical Extravaganza by Ja, Panik and Christiane Rösinger

Following the premiere of Georg Tiller's DMD KIU LIDT the members of the portrayed band Ja, Panik as well as Christiane Rösinger, Chris Immler and Maurice Summen will play piano versions of their songs on Friday February 14 at Alter Roter Löwe Rein (Richardstraße 31, Neukölln). Music starts 8 pm sharp.

february 2014, berlinale forum

Switching Genres: The Power of Hybrid Film

There has been a recent surge of films that explore a hybrid approach to narrative through the use of documentary techniques, and a conscious blending of the constructed and the observational. A Berlinale Talents panel discussion has invited Forum directors Corneliu Porumboiu (AL DOILEA JOC / THE SECOND GAME) and Warwick Thornton (THE DARKSIDE) to discuss their formal and stylistic choices in making their latest films, and the benefits to using both documentary and narrative strategies.

Thursday February 13, 14:00, HAU 1

february 2014, berlinale forum

Béla Tarr Presents Film Factory

During the Berlin International Film Festival Béla Tarr introduces his unique initiative called "The Film Factory" at the Hackesche Höfe Kino on Thursday 13.

The Film Factory program is offered at the Sarajevo Film Academy of the University of Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. It was developed in collaboration with leading international film artists including Carlos Reygadas, Tilda Swinton, Guy Maddin, Pedro Costa, Gus Van Sant and Fred Kelemen in order to promote an artistic approach towards filmmaking. The event, at which Director & Factory Dean Béla Tarr will be presenting the initiative’s work, is taking place in collaboration with the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art and Berlinale Forum. Entry is free with a Berlinale festival accreditation.

february 2014, berlinale forum

Think:Film No.2

Unter dem Titel Entitled What Do We Know When We Know Where Something Is? the ninth edition of Forum Expanded presents the conference Think:Film No. 2 in collaboration with the Alliance Cultural Foundation at the Berlinische Galerie on February 12 and 13.

Gallery, museum, theater, or cinema – the discussion about the relationship of film to the other arts is largely oriented around notions of space and place. Where does a film come from and where is it shown? The question is posed not only in regard to the artistic surroundings, but also to national affiliations. Hybrid forms, transna- tional co-productions, historical and political shifts open the question up to new meanings.

february 2014, berlinale forum

Ken Jacobs: "The Guests"

Ken Jacobs has digitally enhanced a one-minute film from the early days of cinema into what is presumably the first ever black-and-white silent film in 3D. For 70 minutes, we watch the congregation mounting the steps of a Parisian church as our attention is drawn to the smallest of details.Silent film, avant-garde, and digital 3D: one hundred and twenty years of film history merging into one single cinematic event. (11.2. Zoo Palast & 13.2. Cubix)

february 2014, berlinale forum


A work-in-progress presentation showing works currently being produced in Cairo's vibrant film scene that explore themes and debates of relevance there. With: Hanan Abdalla, Viola Shafik, Cresida Trew, moderated by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus.

Monday 10.2., 12:30 Arsenal 1

february 2014, berlinale forum

Jack Smith: Beyond the Rented World

Forum Expanded presents two programs of never seen, newly restored films by underground legend and queer icon Jack Smith entitled "Beyond the Rented World". On Sunday February 9 rare footage of Smith’s drag muse Mario Montez, who passed away in September 2013 can be seen at HAU1. John Zorn, seminal figure of the avant-garde and experimental music scene, who worked with Jack Smith on his performances in the late 1970s, will accompany two films with records from Jack Smith’s personal collection. On Friday Febraury 14 Smith’s notorious adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is on show in the Berlinische Galerie. Both film programs are curated and introduced by film preservationist Jerry Tartaglia.

february 2014, berlinale forum

Forum Expanded Exhibitions and Openings

The 9th edition of Forum Expanded opens on February 5 with the "What Do We Know When We Know Where Something Is" group exhibition at ST. AGNES, Kreuzberg. The opening starts at 6 pm; the exhibition will then be open daily from 11 am to 7 pm. Another exhibition showing IN THE SIMILKAMEEN by Tyler Hagan in the Marshall McLuhan Salon of Canada's embassy will be opened on February 6 between 5:30 and 8 pm and will then be open daily from 2 to 8 pm.

The installation FICTIONS AND FUTURES #1 – HAPPINESS IN THE ABSTRACT by Minze Tummescheit and Arne Hector can be seen in the Black Box in the Arsenal foyer from February 7.

Hourly shuttle service to ST. AGNES and Berlinische Galerie starting from Eichendorffgasse next to Forum Guest Office 11am - 7pm.


january 2014, berlinale forum

Full Program Now Available online!

The 2014 program is now available online. Detailed information and screening dates of all Forum and Forum Expanded films and events can be found via the program menu point.

january 2014, berlinale forum

This Year's Special Screenings

Once again the Forum will be showing a series of special screenings dedicated to historical films and re-discoveries as well as current works of special formal and thematic interest.

When Bong Joon-ho first opened Jean-Marc Rochette’s comic “Snowpiercer” in a Seoul bookshop, he supposedly devoured all three volumes on the spot. Eight years later, the French comic has been made into the most lavish Korean film of all time. SEOLGUK-YEOLCHA (SNOWPIERCER) describes an impending ice age caused by human hand, whose last survivors are left circling the earth in a non-stop express train. The rich are in the front carriages and the poor ­– from whose perspective the story is told – at the back. Producer Park Chan-wook, director Bong Joon-ho, actors Song Kang-ho, Ko Asung, John Hurt and Tilda Swinton and comic author Jean-Marc Rochette will all be on hand at the Forum screening.

january 2014, berlinale forum

Forum Expanded Now Complete: What Do We Know When We Know Where Something Is?

52 works from 20 countries have been selected for the 9th Forum Expanded.

Alongside the Filmhaus at Potsdamer Platz, Kreuzberg forms the focus of this year’s programme, both geographically and thematically. The exhibition at ST. AGNES, the former parish hall whose church space is one of the key venues for this year’s Forum Expanded, is already being set up for the opening on February 5.

Gallery, museum, theatre or cinema – the discussion surrounding the question of the relationship between film and the other arts has largely revolved around concepts of space and location. This is relevant both with respect to artistic context as well as nation state attributions, even though finding an answer is hardly possible at a time of hybrid forms, transnational collaborations and historical and political shifts.

january 2014, berlinale forum

44th Berlinale Forum: Merciless Working Environments and the Absurdities of the Cultural Establishment

The 44th edition of the Berlinale Forum once again provides an overview of independent, artistic filmmaking with a disregard for convention, screening 28 world and eight international premieres from every single continent.

Among the themes to be found in the films of the 2014 Forum are working environments and aggravated class relations in economically unstable times. Filmmakers from all over the world draw on a broad spectrum of different strategies to grapple with how the individual is affected by such worsening affairs. Several films in this year’s programme explore the absurdities of the cultural establishment, often in duly comedic form. Works by primarily young filmmakers from Eastern Europe make up one key geographical focus.

This year’s Special Screenings will soon be announced.

january 2014, berlinale forum

New Release: "I Used to Be Darker"

Still from I Used to Be Darker

arsenal distribution is releasing Matt Porterfield's

I USED TO BE DARKER from last year's Forum program on January 9. The film tells of Taryn, who has made her way from Northern Ireland to the United States – for love, which proves to be fleeting. She seeks refuge with relatives in Baltimore, but Aunt Kim and Uncle Bill are busy trying to end their marriage. It’s supposed to go smoothly and with dignity, because their daughter Abby has announced that she’ll be coming home to visit between semesters – to a home that no longer exists. Every beginning marks an end, and vice versa. The same is true for relationships. "I used to be darker, then I got lighter…" – song lyrics that hover over the story. Director Matt Porterfield lets profound themes emerge like melodies: a stroll through the music genres and the inner life of the characters, with a gentle camera that is insistent yet not intrusive. Dramatic turning points occur almost as an afterthought and unfold all the more intensively as a result. Redemption and release, loss and change, building things up and breaking them down – everything is in a state of flux, even the water in their private swimming pool, framed just as impressively as in HAMILTON, Porterfield’s debut film. I USED TO BE DARKER is a film about being able to let go. "And then I got lighter …"

We’re happy to announce that Kim Taylor, singer-songwriter who plays the role of Kim, will be touring Germany to accompany the release.

january 2014, berlinale forum

In Cinemas: "The Strange Little Cat"

Ramon Zürcher's THE STRANGE LITTLE CAT (DAS MERKWÜRDIGE KÄTZCHEN) by is being released in selected cinemas on January 2. Since it's premiere at the Berlinale Forum it has screened at numerous international film festivals. The film is distributed by Peripher.

october 2013, berlinale forum

Submission Deadline: October 31

Submissions for the 44th Berlinale Forum can still be made until October 31. To submit your film online, please go to berlinale.de. Please make sure that you read the regulations carefully before submitting your film. The 44th Berlinale Forum will take place from February 6-16, 2014.

january 2013, berlinale forum

Out Now: "For Ellen" and "Hiver nomade"

Still from For Ellen

This week, two films from last year’s Forum program, FOR ELLEN and HIVER NOMADE, go on general release. FOR ELLEN, the third film by So Yong Kim following IN BETWEEN DAYS and TREELESS MOUNTAIN, tells the story of an irresponsible rock musician attempting to reconnect with his young daughter after a long absence. Manuel von Stürler’s debut HIVER NOMADE, which recently received the European Documentary Film Prize, accompanies the difficult everyday life of two Swiss shepherds during the winter months.

february 2014

Our Catalogue as an E-Book

Once again, we are making the Forum catalogue available as an e-book for mobile devices. The e-catalogue can be downloaded for free in various formats. The catalogue texts...

january 2014

Forum Nominees First Feature Award

Four feature debuts from the Forum Programme have been nominated for the 50 000 Euro first feature award: CHILLA (40 DAYS OF SILENCE) by Saodat Ismailova, ICH WILL MICH NICHT...

november 2013

44th Berlinale Forum

The 44. Berlinale Forum will be taking place from February 6-16, 2014. Submission deadline was October 31. The film program will be available online here from February...