October 2015, arsenal cinema

Female Artists' Program


For the 8th time, we are presenting film projects and grant-holders who have received funding from the Female Artists' Program of the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs over the last two years. Festival success stories stand alongside projects still at a conceptual stage, for this event is a screening and a public discussion of work in one.

Titles such as MOVEMENT, FICTIONS AND FUTURES #1, or TALKING BUSINESS sketch out the range of questions the projects pose not just on reality but also on the medium of film. Other titles such as WITHOUT BORDER or DEIN HERZ (AT) link the abstract to concrete biographies and everyday situations.

We open the series with RAINBOW'S GRAVITY by Kerstin Schroedinger and Mareike Bernien, an investigation of Agfa Color New Film which was manufactured in National Socialist Germany. Taking the film's three different layers of emulsion as its discursive thread, the work takes an in-depth look at the escapist landscape of color of the period and interrogates the material pre-requisites, 

ideological incorporations, and continuities of the Agfa color palette. The images projected in the former factory space do not just construct themselves, but also eyes for whom historicization has become a habit, attempting to make visible what color does not show.

Additional projects will be presented by Shira Wachsmann, Anu Pennanen, Yalda Afsah / Ginan Seidl, Irene Schüller, Anja Dornieden, Juliane Ebner, Yvon Chabrowski, Minze Tummescheit, Kerstin Honeit, Kolja Barbara Kunt, Petra Lottje, Angelika Levi, Isabell Spengler, Catharina Göldner, Vika Kirchenbauer. A program brochure provides extra information on these and other funded works. (stss) (15.–18.10.)

August '17
arsenal cinema: Robby Müller – Master of Light

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Breaking the Waves

Breaking the Waves Lars von Trier Germany/S/F/NL/N/IS 1996
DCP OV/GeS 158 min

Introduced by Kristina Jaspers
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour – Manifestos and Pamphlets 

08:00 pm Cinema 2


*Desertir Vsevolod Pudovkin
USSR 1933 35 mm OV/GeS 106 min