October 2013, arsenal cinema

Women Artists' Program

RESORT, 2013

For the 7th time, we are showing works by those awarded funding in the last two rounds of the Berlin Cultural Affairs Department's Women Artists' Program. Each round of funding offers unique insights into the various forms of production employed by women currently working in the media of film and video in Berlin. They include fiction films that tell stories of Kreuzberg in the 90s (Gülay Akın), unfold in a small town America marked by racism and homophobia Angela Anderson), or that trace a film team’s search for the perfect shot (Clarissa Thieme).

Nine Budde explores the places where exiled authors took their own lives, while Elena Levina and Susanne Schüle follow a family of shepherds in Siberia. Eisenstein's non-realized film projects form the focus of Romana Schmalisch's work. Experimental works (Ute Aurand & Detel Aurand, Tara Mahapatra), films that narrate moments in the life of their protagonists from the perspective of a room (Melissa Dullius) or that take the pressures of a society based on achievement in their sights (Isabella Gresser) are all being presented. Iman Kamel explores the experiences of women during the January revolution in Egypt.

Works by deceased video and film artists Carole Roussopoulos (Madeleine Bernstorff & Manuela Schininá) and Riki Kalbe have also been rediscovered (Nanna Heidenreich).

Verena Kyselka's work is dedicated to Taiwanese female artists, just as Antonia Lerch's is to a German-Turkish woman, while Branwen Okpako examines Christa Wolf's artistic response to Stasi allegations. Digitizations and transfers of older works (Bärbel Freund, Milena Gierke), a video installation (Isabel Robson & Susanne Vincenz) and a script by Tatjana Turanskyj will also be presented. (24.-27.10.)

We would like to thank the artists and filmmakers, the members of the jury and Karin Hofmann who has filled the Women Artists’ Program with life for so many years now.

arsenal cinema: Classics Not Just for Children: "Modern Times"

04:00 pm Cinema 1

Modern Times

Modern Times
Charles Chaplin USA 1936
Restored Version
35 mm OV/GeS 87 min

arsenal cinema: Women Artists' Program

04:15 pm Cinema 2

Die letzte Heldin

Roundhouse Reverb

Die Vorstellung des Films

Die letzte Heldin Elena Levina, Susanne Schüle
Roundhouse Reverb
Isabel Robson, Susanne Vincenz Presentation of the installation
Die Vorstellung des Films
Romana Schmalisch Film excerpts, work-in-progress

Followed by a discussion with the filmmakers
arsenal cinema: Women Artists' Program

06:15 pm Cinema 2

Territory of Beauties

Formosa Experiment

Territory of Beauties Verena Kyselka 2012
DV 23 min
Formosa Experiment
Verena Kyselka work-in-progress

Followed by a discussion with the filmmaker
arsenal cinema: Retrospective Jacques Rivette

07:00 pm Cinema 1

La belle noiseuse

La belle noiseuse  France/Switzerland 1991
With Michel Piccoli, Jane Birkin, Emmanuelle Béart
35 mm OV/GeS 238 min

arsenal cinema: Women Artists' Program

07:45 pm Cinema 2


Jeanne d'Arc Masriya

Resort Clarissa Thieme 2013 DCP 15 min
Jeanne d'Arc Masriya
Iman Kamel work-in-progress

Followed by a discussion with the filmmakers
arsenal cinema: Vaginal DavisPresents Six Year Anniversary: Rising Stars, Falling Stars – We Must Have Music!

09:00 pm Cinema 2

Die Büchse der Pandora

*Die Büchse der Pandora Pandora's Box
G.W. Pabst Germany 1929
35 mm German Intertitles 143 min

Presented by Vaginal Davis
Eunice Martins on piano