December 2008

publicprivate: spaces. Curated and presented by Maria Morata

December 2008 to January 2009 at Cinema Arsenal. Opening 4.12. 9pm (Kino 2)

The film and video series curated by Maria Morata deals with public and private space and their correspondences, disruptions and differences. With experimental films, videos and documentations of artistic actions and interventions from the 1960s until today, the film series presents various artistic positions in regard to individual and collective behaviour in public and private space.

The six programmes are divided into two interacting blocks that address the question of borders and connections between the two:
In regard to the origin of images, the first block At Home alludes to the essay The Poetics of Space of the philosopher Gaston Bachelard who examines images of intimate spatiality: the house, the hideout, the cave; as well as the "houses of things": drawers, cabinets, nests, and shells; and finally the difference between inside and outside. We furnish our private space with private things, we know each and every corner, it serves both as a projection screen for and an expansion of our selves, it is at once a shelter and a prison, in which our dreams and fantasies, our everyday life, our joys and fears are located. The works of the three programmes in this block deal with these issues and investigate the relationship which the individual develops to his or her private, domestic realm. The programme Cage and Laboratory (Dec. 4) is dedicated to the obsessions, traumas and ghost fantasies of the occupants. The playful and poetic aspects of private space are taken up in the programme Divertimento (Dec. 11). The third program in this section, The Fabulous Interior (Dec. 18), examines the absence of a border between reality, dream and fantasy. (Maria Morata)

The second programme block will be shown in January.

Supported by the Berliner Künstlerinnenprogramm.