november 2014, arsenal cinema


In 2014, the ONE WORLD BERLIN Human Rights Film Festival is taking place for the tenth time. Four programs will be shown from November 20-23, with directors, human rights activists and experts accompanying the program with discussions.

1971 by Johanna Hamilton opens the festival on 20.11. From the start of the 70s, FBI informants and provocateurs were more and more in attendance at anti-war protests, with the idea being to discredit and undermine the movement. The "Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI" stole the complete set of files to this end from a regional office in Media, Pennsylvania and made these available for journalists. This revealed that the FBI allowed itself to be abused for the unconstitutional surveillance of those who think differently. Over 40 years later, the predecessors of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden now break their silence about the events there.

november 2014, arsenal cinema

An Evening for Uschi Seifried

Anyone wanting to know anything about film history should ask Uschi (Ursula) Seifried. Shortly after Arsenal opened in the Welserstraße, she started selling tickets. She worked on various in-house publications and learnt how to project films, which was to become her passion. Like few others, Uschi Seifried has always had the inseparability of material and discourse right in front of her: nothing can stimulate understanding in the cinema than a perfect projection. And that is something she was in perfect control of for more than four decades. In the meantime, Arsenal has moved to Potsdamer Platz, new cinema generations have grown up, and digital cinema has entered the story. Uschi Seifried was always entirely dedicated and concerned with making sure that time didn’t stand still. Now she has started her retirement. We would like to celebrate this new section of her life on November 24 – with all those whose eyes she opened every evening: the audience.

november 2014, arsenal cinema

Guest: DAAD Grantholder Bence Fliegauf

Hungarian filmmaker Bence Fliegauf (*1974) is currently the guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin program. With his thus far 6 features, he has created a profile for himself as a unconventional auteur and received numerous festival prizes – not least in Berlin, where he won the Wolfgang Staudte prize at the Forum in 2003 for his debut Rengeteg 2003 and the Silver Bear in 2012 for CSAK A SZÉL. We are showing three of his films on November 25/26.

november 2014, transfer

Next Projection Room Tour on November 29

picture of projection room at Arsenal

What do 16mm, 35mm and 70mm actually mean? What is screen masking and what is it used for? How does a dissolve work? And what is actually happening when the image on the screen stops moving and begins to melt? If you’re interested in finding out how films get on to the screen, Arsenal would like to invite you to take a peek behind the scenes on one of our projection room tours. Our projectionist Bodo Pagels will show you round the projection room, tell you all about film formats, projectors and projection techniques, demonstrate how films are fed into the projector and provide a full introduction to the secrets of film projection. He will also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the cinema set-up and will adapt the tour to your wishes and interests as far as possible. The next scheduled tour will take place on Saturday November 29, at 4pm. Please register in advance. 

November '14
arsenal cinema: Classics Not Just For Children & "… and Action!"

04:00 pm Cinema 1

Modern Times

Modern Times
Charles Chaplin USA 1936
Restored version 35 mm OV/GeS 87 min

arsenal cinema: ONE WORLD BERLIN

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Magický hlas rebelky

Magický hlas rebelky Magic Voice of a Rebel
Olga Sommerová Czech Republic 2014
DCP OmE 87 min

Followed by a Skype conversation with Olga Sommerová
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: Of Forms and Figures – Choreographies in Film

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Le premier venu

*Le premier venu Just Anybody
Jacques Doillon France/Belgium 2008
35 mm OV/GeS 124 min