october 2017, arsenal cinema

Georgian Cinema - 
From the Arsenal Collection

For many years now, Arsenal has maintained a close, special relationship with Georgian filmmaking. Since Erika and Ulrich Gregor, founders and long-time heads of Arsenal, were able to see films from Georgia on their visits to Moscow, Georgian films have regularly formed part of the programs of both the Arsenal cinema and the Forum. This enduring interest in Georgian cinema means that Arsenal's collection of around 130 Georgian films is now the second biggest collection in the world outside of the country itself following the Russian state film archive Gosfilmofond and thus plays an important role in preserving Georgian film history.

Three Georgian films from the Arsenal collection were able to be digitally restored with funding from the Foreign Office's Cultural Preservation program: DIDI MTSWANE WELI (Great Green Valley, 1967) by Merab Kokotschaschwili, RAMDENIME INTERWIU PIRAD SAKITCHEBSE (Some Interviews on Personal Questions, 1978) by Lana Gogoberidse, and SGHWARZE (At the Border, 1993) by Dito Tsintsadze: More than enough reason to present them with their directors in attendance, together with 14 additional films from our collection that stem from the 20s all the way until the 90s. The most recent film by Otar Iosseliani, CHANT D'HIVER (2015), rounds off the program that runs from October 1-18. Lana Gogoberidse's film is framed by a film by her mother Noutsa Gogoberidse, Georgia’s first female director, and a film by her daughter Salomé Alexi. A panel discussion will take place on October 2., where Erika and Ulrich Gregor will discuss Georgian film history and archival work with Khatuna Khundadze (Georgian Film) and Susan Oxtoby (University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive). Stefanie Schulte Strathaus will moderate the discussion.

october 2017, arsenal cinema

Harun Farocki: Year by Year / Side by Side (2)

"Year by Year/Side by Side" is the most comprehensive retrospective of Harun Farocki’s cinema and television work ever held. Alongside the exhibition “Harun Farocki: Mit anderen Mitteln – By Other Means” (curated by Antje Ehmann and Carlos Guerra) at the neuer berliner kunstverein, the temporary “Farocki Now” academy organized by the Harun Farocki Institut at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the silent green Kulturquartier (October 18th-21st) and the recent publication of his incomplete autobiography "Zehn, zwanzig, dreißig, vierzig", the program gives audiences a chance to become acquainted, or reacquainted, with the documentarian’s oeuvre and all the many directions it points in. Numerous productions thought lost, or more or less invisible were able to be researched in archives and collected.

We continue the series, that started last month, with numerous film screenings in October.

october 2017, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour - Cinema in the Plural

Films are collective works: This month's Magical History Tour presents both films that were created in collective working process or have these as their theme, together with ensemble films with suitably starry casts, which forge complex universes in multiple, dynamic mosaics of characters and decentered group pictures.

october 2017, arsenal cinema

Female Gazes from Georgia - Contemporary Documentaries

Europe often has a rather vague image of Georgia, even if the country has been increasingly present of late: Georgian films and books, Georgia as the guest of honor at the 2018 Frankfurt Bookfair or as a tourist destination have all meant that the country has increasingly entered the spotlight. The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung is taking part in this year’s Year of German-Georgian friendship with a series of documentary films by female directors from Georgia, which will be shown at the Arsenal from October 25-31.

This documentary focus shows us sections of this country in the South Caucasus on the edge of Europe without any need for clichés. The film and discussion series presents documentaries which approach everyday life in Georgia with their own aesthetic style and original journalistic research. The films reflect the ongoing upheaval in the Caucasian country since 1989, which creates a modern image of itself as it searches for its place between East and West.

arsenal cinema: Andrei Tarkovsky Retrospective

07:30 pm Cinema 1


Stalker USSR 1980
35 mm OV/EnS 163 min

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour – Manifestos and Pamphlets 

08:00 pm Cinema 2

L'age d'or

*L'age d'orThe Golden Age
Luis Buñuel France 1930
35 mm OV/GeS 60 min