march 2017, arsenal cinema

50 years of dffb

Film academies are not only places where students train but places where productions emerge. Since the dffb's establishment on 17th September 1966, thousands of films have been made - long and short, documentary, fiction and experimental. From March 20-30, we are showing a selection to celebrate 50 years, from the beginnings to the present.

In view of the quantity of productions, such a retrospective cannot make any claims as to representativeness. It also seems to make little sense to concentrate on graduates who are known and already prominent in daily cinema life. Instead, this is an invitation to discover aspects of filmmaking at the dffb that have remained hidden and yet are undoubtedly important components of German film and television history.

march 2017, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour: Excess and opulence

We are focusing on grand gestures for this month's Magical History Tour - on films located in the space between excess and opulence, whose exuberance is manifested either by the director's unlimited personal involvement or by an unfettered artistic vision. However, opulence and excess are by no means an end in themselves, but instead represent the expression of a desire for change asserting itself against manifold constraints and obstacles. Our program features films that are committed to absolute realism alongside ones that find their appropriate form in extreme stylization.

march 2017, berlinale forum

Cinema Release "Barakah Meets Barakah"

arsenal distribution is releasing BARAKAH MEETS BARAKAH on March 9.

After its world premiere as part of last year's Forum programme, Mahmouds Sabbagh's "romantic comedy" was shown and awarded at numerous international film festivals.

The film tells of Bibi, a worldly-wise lifestyle icon, who meets Barakah, a civil servant from a humble background. A remarkably candid love story from Saudi Arabia which uses stabs of acerbic humour as a counterweight to the difficulties faced by the couple.

January '17
arsenal cinema: FU Lecture Series: Film Studies, the Archive, and Difference

05:00 pm Cinema 2

Vorlesung von Sabine Nessel

Mein Leben Teil 2

Lecture by Sabine Nessel: (Privat-)Archive des Ephemeren
18.00: *Mein Leben Teil 2 Angelika Levi Germany 2003
35 mm OV/EnS 93 min

arsenal cinema: Ola Balogun, 
pioneer of Nigerian cinema

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Iron Eagles

Pana – Une voix pour l'Afrique

Cry Freedom!

Iron Eagles Nigeria 1988
16 mm engl. OV 10 min
Pana – Une voix pour l'Afrique F/Nigeria 1989
16 mm French OV 9 min
Cry Freedom! Nigeria/Ghana/UK 1981
35 mm engl. OV 70 min
Prints by Cinémathèque française

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour
: Of Forms and Figures – Choreography in Film

08:00 pm Kino 2


Victoria Sebastian Schipper D 2015 DCP 140 min