september 2017, arsenal cinema

Harun Farocki: Year by Year / Side by Side (1)

Three years after Harun Farocki's sudden death, "Year by Year / Side by Side" is the most comprehensive retrospective of his work, which spanned almost 50 years.

Alongside the exhibition "Harun Farocki: Mit anderen Mitteln – By Other Means" (curated by Antje Ehmann and Carlos Guerra) at the neuer berliner kunstverein, the temporary "Farocki Now" academy organized by the Harun Farocki Institut at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the silent green Kulturquartier and the publication of his incomplete autobiography, the program running from mid September until November will give audiences a chance to become acquainted, or reacquainted, with Farocki's oeuvre and all its nuances.

september 2017, arsenal cinema

Anatomy of loneliness – The Films of Tsai Ming-liang

If one wanted to define cinema, one might say that it is a manifestation of desire, an attempt to capture inexplicably beautiful, fleeting moments. Motifs of the "perverse" also have a firm place, at the very least since the Surrealists broke all the rules with such relish. For 25 years, the Taiwan-based director Tsai Ming-liang has explored the appeal of apocalyptic panoramas of society and developed his version of desolate eroticism. The sheer imagery with which he depicts alienation, isolation and world weariness (with Liao Pen-jung as cameraman in almost all of his films) also serves a very unique sense of humor. In Tsai's skeptical take on the torments of love and family tensions blaze a - sometimes seemingly curious and discreet - longing for the grotesque and the breaching of taboos. He keeps his narratives simple, sometimes very fragmentary, to allow them as advanced a form as possible.

In September, Arsenal is paying tribute to the multi-award-winning auteur with a retrospective compiled of 12 feature films made between 1992 and 2015.

september 2017, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour – 
Close-up: The Face

Faces look at you — everywhere! Visual communication would lack a pivotal element without the representation of human physiognomy. The development of the depiction of facial images in the 20th century would be inconceivable without cinema and the possibilities of close-up. The versatility of the filmic depiction of the face — from the perfectly lit, subjectivizing, and identity-shaping shots of a star's gaze to the de-individualized motif "face" - is the focus of the Magical History Tour in September.

september 2017, berlinale forum

Cinema Release "In the Last Days of the City"

On September 7, arsenal distribution is releasing IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE CITY (AKHER AYAM EL MADINA) by Tamer El Said in collaboration with Wolf. The film, which received its world premiere in the 2016 Forum programme and won the Caligari award, has been playing at numerous international film festivals since. It tells of Khalid who wanders through Cairo in search of ideas for a film, as the city and his private life seem to be falling apart in equal measure. Memories of better times and conversations with friends intertwine in this homage to a metropolis on the brink.


March '17
arsenal cinema: 50 years of dffb

06:30 pm Cinema 1

Erfinden / Widerlegen


Das Blaue vom Himmel

*Erfinden / Widerlegen Stephan Settele FRG 1989 16 mm 32 min
*Mise-en-scène José van der Schoot Germany 1991 16 mm 35 min
*Das Blaue vom Himmel Matl Findel Germany 1992 16 mm 21 min

Stephan Settele and Matl Findel in person
arsenal cinema: Filmspotting: Exploring the Deutsche Kinemathek Film Archive

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Ein Arbeiterclub in Sheffield


Drei von vielen

*Ein Arbeiterclub in Sheffield Peter Nestler FRG 1965 Blu-ray 41 min
*Wäscherinnen Jürgen Böttcher GDR 1972 DCP 23 min
*Drei von vielen Jürgen Böttcher GDR 1961 DCP 33 min

arsenal cinema: 50 years of dffb

08:30 pm Cinema 1

Cultural Nationalism

Merry Christmas Deutschland oder Vorlesung zur Geschichtstheorie II

Tiroler Heldengedenk 84

Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa

*Cultural Nationalism Skip Norman FRG 1968 16 mm 11 min
*Merry Christmas Deutschland oder Vorlesung zur Geschichtstheorie II
Raoul Peck FRG 1985 16 mm 19 min
*Tiroler Heldengedenk 84 Wolfram Kohler FRG 1985 16 mm 22 min
Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa Julian Radlmaier Germany 2012 DCP 46 min

Julian Radlmaier in person