february 2018, berlinale forum

Forum und Forum Expanded 2018

It’s that time of the year again: For the 48th time, Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art is putting on the Forum as well as the 13th edition of Forum Expanded as part of the Berlinale. The Forum main programme consists of 44 films, 35 of which world premieres. In addition, a series of special screenings committed to an alternative view of film historiography can be seen. Since its foundation in 1971, the Forum has always shone a spotlight on historical films too, shaking the foundations of a cinematic canon whose main interest lies in feature films from Western Europe and North America. This year’s programme once again stands in opposition to such views and is dedicated to cinema from Africa, documentary and experimental film, “anti-cinema” films and salacious b-movies and “dirty” films.

The Forum Expanded programme under the title “A Mechanism Capable of Changing Itself” consists of 34 film and video works of all lengths and genres as well as 15 installations from a total of 27 countries. This year’s programme once again includes a variety of works that use documentary techniques to examine and explore the potential for both cinema and music to question, illustrate, analyse and bring about change in such a way that they are capable of intervening in social and political events on the global stage. In so doing, they also expand the very concept of the documentary.

The main exhibition at Akademie der Künste am Hanseatenweg opens on February 14.

From February 15 an installation by artist-duo Bambitchell is presented in the Marshall McLuhan Salon at the Embassy of Canada.

“Think Film No. 6 – Archival Constellations”, an international symposium on themes relating to film archives and alternative archive projects, will take place on February 22 at silent green Kulturquartier in Berlin-Wedding. Film archives and projects from Nigeria, Egypt, Palestine, Mexico, Japan and India have all been invited to take part.

february 2018, berlinale forum

Forum Repeat Screenings

As always, the Arsenal Cinema will be screening a selection of this year's Forum titles over the coming week: AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL by Hu Bo, DEN' POBEDY (VICTORY DAY) by Sergei Losnitza, DIE TOMORROW by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, DJAMILIA (JAMILIA) by Aminatou Echard, PREMIÈRES SOLITUDES (YOUNG SOLITUDE) by Claire Simon and L. COHEN by James Benning.

february 2018, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour
 – Lost Films Found

An immeasurable amount of lost or incomplete films are hidden in the shadows of film history. Films can disappear for all sorts of reasons: they fall victim to political upheavals, are inexpertly stored or given inadequate attention and thus damaged, or - as is the case for the nitrate film material that was widely used up into the 1950s - they succumb to chemical decay. Until the end of the silent movie era, films were deliberately destroyed on a regular basis because they were not considered valuable. Some 70 to 80 percent of all silent movies were lost. Databases, websites and campaigns of all kinds bear witness to the major efforts of institutions and individuals to unearth and make visible individual films. The British Film Institute once published a list of the “75 Most Wanted”, with Alfred Hitchcock's first feature film (1926) in first place - it hasn’t been found to this day.

With eight films, this month's Magical History Tour presents stories about loss and censorship, about seeking and (sometimes chance) finding.

arsenal cinema: Big cinema, small cinema #18: Circles, spirals and stones

04:00 pm Cinema 1

Opus 2 & Opus 3



One & Eye Blink

Circle Phases

*Opus 2 & Opus 3 Walter Ruttmann Germany 1921 & 1924
16 mm without dialogue 6 min
*Filmstudie Hans Richter Germany 1926
16 mm without dialogue 4 min
*Escape Mary Ellen Bute USA 1937
16 mm without dialogue 6 min
*One & Eye Blink Yoko Ono USA 1966
16 mm without dialogue 5 & 1 min
Circle Phases Lara Faroqhi Germany 2018
Digital file without dialogue 10 min

Lara Faroqhi in person Moderated by Anna Faroqhi and Haim Peretz Aged 8 and above
arsenal cinema:

06:00 pm Cinema 1


Hase und Igel

*Hirnhexen Ula Stöckl FRG 1972 16 mm 45 min
Ula Stöckl in person, Moderated by Toby Ashraf
*Hase und Igel Ula Stöckl FRG 1974
With Claudia Rückert 16 mm 60 min

Ula Stöckl in person, Moderated by Bärbel Freund, Thomas Mauch
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour
 – Lost Films Found

07:30 pm Cinema 2

A tolonc

A tolonc The Undesirable
Mihály Kertész (Michael Curtiz) Hungary 1914
DCP English IT 63 min

arsenal cinema: Ula Stöckl Retrospective

08:30 pm Cinema 1

Haben Sie Abitur?

Neun Leben hat die Katze

*Haben Sie Abitur? Ula Stöckl FRG 1967 35 mm 17 min
*Neun Leben hat die Katze Ula Stöckl FRG 1968
With Kristine Deloup DCP 86 min

Ula Stöckl in person, Moderated by Bärbel Freund