June 2020, arsenal cinema

The next stage is here!

The Arsenal cinema at Potsdamer Platz reopens on July 1st. Alongside our activities on the Internet (arsenal 3), in exhibition space (arsenal 4 at silent green) and outside in the open air (arsenal 5 at HKW), we are very happy to be able to offer a program at our original location after a closure period of three and a half months and once again use our cinemas as a public space for shared experiences. As always, the Andrei Tarkovsky retrospective forms part of this year’s double program for July and August – and yet this is no ordinary summer. The Corona pandemic continues, its effects on social, cultural, and political practices can be clearly felt, and its economic consequences are grave. We are experiencing a veritable turning point – and the future is still unclear, something that will have to be managed and adapted to based on an ongoing process. With this mind, the sort of contemporary cinema practice we offer will have to remain flexible and develop step by step. Our streaming area arsenal 3 will form a fixed part of this process and continue as a “footnote cinema”, with films screened there to supplement the programs showing at Arsenal 1 and 2. Due to the fragility of the current situation and Arsenal’s economic difficulties based on a lack of revenue, we are starting our cinema operations in reduced form to begin with: four evenings a week (Wednesday to Saturday) at Arsenal 1, with a seating capacity of around 70 due to Corona. You can find the program here. It’s the film series we had to interrupt in March that we are now continuing: alongside the program to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Berlinale Forum, this means primarily the “Black Light” retrospective that Greg de Cuir Jr. curated for last year’s Locarno Film Festival. Our selection of 13 films focused on Black American cinema stretches from 1919 to 1991 and has not lost any of its topicality over the last weeks; on the contrary, in fact.

Apart from these program highlights, we’ve also done everything we can in terms of protection measures to make your visit to our cinemas as attractive, safe, and comfortable as possible. The prescribed space between seats and good ventilation are ensured, masks to cover the nose and mouth only have to be worn when you leave your seat. Detailed information on the hygiene regulations in line with the corresponding ruling by the State of Berlin can be found here.
One request in advance: please make use of the newly set-up online ticket portal to avoid queues at the evening box office. Making your reservation by telephone (030/26955100) will also make things more relaxed and is anyway recommended due to the restricted number of seats available.

Come join us at the cinema, we need your support! And becoming an Arsenal member or a Freundeskreis member would be a big help too!

We look forward to seeing you!

The Arsenal team