May 2011, arsenal cinema

Telémachos Alexiou


As a world premiere, we present two full-length films by the young Greek director, Telémachos Alexiou. His debut, THE LOGIC OF THE CAT (G/GER 2009), is a film about Themos, his lovesickness, his everyday life that drags along, his friends, and their political activism. It is also a film about Athens and the imminent unrests in the summer of 2008. In VENUS IN THE GARDEN (G/GER 2011), the two hustlers, Nikos and Alain, and their procuress, Monica, are entangled in a complicated relationship. Is it a role play emerging from the boredom of a summer, or have the three read Jean Genet? Beforehand, two short films will be screened: THE DREAM OF NORMA (GER 2010), which was shown at the Berlinale's Forum Expanded, a dancing duel between Norma, played by drag superstar Vaginal Davis, and her shadow, and the melancholy fake documentation AN INTERVIEW WITH AN ARTIST (GER 2010). (April 11, in the presence of Telémachos Alexiou)