December 2011, arsenal cinema

German Premiere: RUE GUTENBERG


RUE GUTENBERG (Astrid S. Klein, 2010) is based on a conversation between artist Astrid S. Klein and the legendary Ivorian radio producer and music journalist Souleymane Coulibaly, known as Soro Solo (Abidjan / Paris).

The film takes the biography of Solo as a starting point, who was born in 1950 under French colonial rule and confronted with different religious systems and systems of knowledg, namely those stemming from Animism, Catholicism and Islam as an adolescent.

His experience of being torn between conflicting demands can be seen as representative for the generation who saw in independence in West Africa, revealing the complexity of colonial legacy, post-colonialist realities and the globalised present. The film weaves together information, memories, poetry and rhythm. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Astrid S. Klein and Soro Solo. (December 10) The event is funded by the German Foreign Office.