april 2018, on tour

The Forum in Paris

Like every year, the Goethe Institute in Paris is showing a selection of Forum titles as part of the "La Berlinale à Paris" series.

The series' opening film on April 11 is CASTING by Nicolas Wackerbarth (Germany 2017) followed by AUFBRUCH (DEPARTURE) by Ludwig Wüst (Austria 2018) on April 12. 11x14 by James Benning (USA 1977) and AGGREGAT (AGGREGATE) by Marie Wilke (Germany 2018) can be seen on April 26. On April 27 Sergei Losnitza's DEN' POBEDY (VICTORY DAY) (Deutschland 2018) will be presented by Birgit Kohler.

march 2018, on tour

Forum Expanded @ Bucharest International Experimental Filmfestival

As part of the Berlinale Spotlight: Forum Expanded, co-curator Ulrich Ziemons presents four programs of films from the Forum Expanded 2017 selection from March 26 to April 1 in Bucharest.

The following films are on display: TASHLIK (CAST OFF) by Yael Bartana, PURPLE, BODIES IN TRANSLATION - PART II OF A YELLOW MEMORY FROM THE YELLOW AGE by Joe Namy, TURTLES ARE ALWAYS HOME by Rawane Nassif, WHEN THINGS OCCUR by Oraib Toukan, STUDIES ON THE ECOLOGY OF DRAMA by Eija-Liisa Ahtila, DARK ADAPTATION by Chris Gehman, THE RAIN IS GONE by Noam Enbar, CAMERA THREAT by Bernd Lützeler, CONSTRUCTED FUTURES: HARET HREIK by Sandra Schäfer and HASHTI TEHRAN by Daniel Kötter.

january 2018, on tour

arsenal distribution @ International Filmfestival Rotterdam 2018

We are showing SET by Peter Miller (Germany 2016) and RIVERRED by Eva Heldmann (Germany 2011) in the DINAMO SCREENINGS on January 27. & 28. DINAMO is an international network of independent distributors of video art and experimental film.

SET will be screened at the first DINAMO screening with the theme "Originals Screening“ on January 27: "For this found footage animated film I downloaded 10,000 photographs of the sunset, adjusted each one and arranged them in order, setting into motion a singular, colossal, collective sunset."(Peter Miller)

On January 28 we show within the second DINAMO screening with the theme "Black and White Screenings" RIVERRED: "A girl is playing with her brother in the dark, holy waters of the Godavari River. I record the pair on video in spring, 2011 in Nashik, India. Orpheus and Heurtbise are crossing Hades in Jean Cocteau‘s black-and-white film Orphée from 1949. The materials clash in their difference from one another – the incompatibility of the styles fascinates me, like strangers standing side by side. Using various maneuvers, I place the materials in relation to one another. Formal similarities and parallels emerge, breaking open Orpheus’s poetic boundaries and extending the girl’s play and perspectives." (Eva Heldmann)

Both films premiered at Forum Expanded.

september 2017, on tour

The Forum on Tour in Brussels

The Goethe Institute in Brussels is presenting four films from this and last year's Forum programs as part of its "German Film Festivals on Tour" series at BOZAR. On September 18, the program opens with AUS EINEM JAHR DER NICHTEREIGNISSE (FROM A YEAR OF NON-EVENTS) by Ann Carolin Renninger and René Frölke (Germany 2017), followed by a Q&A with René Frölke and Birgit Kohler. The evening is completes with the screening of EL MAR LA MAR by Joshua Bonnetta and J.P. Sniadecki (USA 2017).

On September 19, CASA ROSHELL by Camila José Donoso (Mexico/Chile 2017) and TA’ANG by Wang Bing (China 2016) can be seen.