May 2017, on tour

arsenal distribution @ Oberhausen


On May 13, we are presenting a selection of films at the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen that originally premiered as part of the 2017 Forum Expanded program and now form part of our distribution range, as well as two more works of Karø Goldt, as we have her complete works now in distribution. Orson Welles, Edgar Allen Poe, and other literary and cinematic ghosts seem to lead the spectator of A TALL TALE (Maya Schweizer, Germany/Irland 2017) onwards, passing through a landscape of ruins and films and ruins of films that evoke phantoms and fairies. SPOT ON – SPOT OFF: UGANDA (Germany/Austria 2009) by Karø Goldt: The world in the living room. One sees the projected freeze frame of a comfortable leather fauteauil next to a side table and newspapers, whilst a female voice talks about the political affairs of the Central African Republic. The video I DEEPLY REGRET (Karø Goldt, Germany 2009) is about a failed chance of revenge and satisfaction. It shows the attempt to liberate oneself from the victim's role by a fantasy of self-empowerment. THE SHORTEST DAY (Austria 2016) by Karø Goldt deals with melancholia and sadness, but also with overcoming these feelings. STUDIES ON THE ECOLOGY OF DRAMA (Finland 2017) by Eija-Liisa Ahtila uses the methods of presentation as a path to the company of other living beings. Its protagonists are: a human actor, a bush, a juniper tree, a common swift, a horse, a brimstone butterfly, and a group of human acrobats. Eva C. Heldmanns film IM GEHÄUS/ IN HIS ROOM (Germany 2017) shows the portrait of a man in his workroom: Dennis and I live together. I explored his room with my camera. Papers, books, and tools cover the floor: a lawless world of a thinker and a handyman. I don't really trust his working methods – little gets done – but they draw me in.