Kon Ichikawa

In the course of his long career that began in the mid-1930s, Kon Ichikawa (1915–2008) made over 80 films - the last was made in 2006 when he was 90 years old. In 1956, The Burmese Harp won him an award at the Venice Film Festival and acclaim in the West. His oeuvre cannot be pigeon-holed, so different were his films, encompassing many genres and styles and ranging from social satire, comedy, documentary and war movie to extravagant costume drama. The screenplays were often written by Natto Wada, his wife. Personal projects alternated with commissioned works and Ichikawa himself divided his films into “light” and “dark” categories. His ironic perspective of Japanese post-war culture is unique. Tormented characters driven to extreme acts are often at the center of his films.

Enjo / Conflagration
Kon Ichikawa, 1958, 99 min

Ototo / Her Brother
Kon Ichikawa, 1960, 98 min

Yukinojo henge / An Actor’s Revenge
Kon Ichikawa, 1963, 114 min