February 2009, berlinale forum

Academy Breaks with Jeffrey Levy-Hinte

"Soul Power" by Jeffrey Levy-Hinte

Forum guest Jeffrey Levy-Hinte will be meeting German director Pepe Danquart to disucss documentary filmmaking as part of the "Academy Breaks" series organised by the German Film Academy.

From Kinshasa to Patagonia – What makes a documentary universal? is the title of the discussion, which will be taking place at the HomeBase Lounge on February 12th at 13:00.

Jeffrey Levy-Hinte worked as editor on the documentary "When We Were Kings" and is now showing his directorial debut Soul Power at the Forum. Pepe Danquart is director of the documentaries "Am Limit" and "Höllentour" and the producer of "Workingman’s Death".

Entrance is free.