arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #7: Heide Schlüpmann

06:00 pm Cinema 1

Vortrag von Heide Schlüpmann

Lecture by Heide Schlüpmann (Goethe-Universität
Frankfurt): „Raumgeben“
In German
Admission free

arsenal cinema: Edit Film Culture!

07:30 pm

Rose Hobart

La rabbia

A Movie


Looking For Mushrooms

The White Rose

Marilyn Times Five

Take the 5:10 to Dreamland


Valse triste

Permanent Wave

Dream Documentary

Standard Gauge

Displaced Person

28.7.1991: Found Footage Filme von Bruce Conner und anderen. Vorgestellt
von Alf Bold (Filmmuseum München)
Teil 1: *Rose Hobart Joseph Cornell 1936 19 min
*La rabbia Pier Paolo Pasolini 1961 53 min
*A Movie Bruce Conner 1958 12 min
*Report Bruce Conner 1967 13 min
*Looking For Mushrooms Bruce Conner 1961 14 min
The White Rose Bruce Conner 1967 7 min
22 Uhr Teil 2: *Marilyn Times Five Bruce Conner 1974 13 min
*Take the 5:10 to Dreamland Bruce Conner 1975 6 min
*Mongoloid Bruce Conner 1978 4 min
Valse triste Bruce Conner 1979 5 min
*Permanent Wave Anita Thacher 1978 4 min
*Dream Documentary Fred Marx 1983 6 min
*Standard Gauge Morgan Fisher 1984 35 min
*Displaced Person Dan Eisenberg 1981 11 min

At silent green Kulturquartier, Open Air from 10 pm Introduced by Matthias Müller
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: Cinematic Strolls, Flaneurs in Film

08:00 pm Cinema 2

Before Sunset

Before Sunset Richard Linklater
USA 2004 With Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy
35 mm OV/GeS 80 min

arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #7: Heide Schlüpmann

08:15 pm Cinema 1

Kumar Talkies

*Kumar Talkies Pankaj Rishi Kumar India 1999
16 mm OV/GeS 77 min