November 2019, arsenal cinema

FilmDokument: Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Abuse in East Germany

The mass consumption of alcohol in East Germany didn’t just pose a challenge to the authorities, doctors, and politicians, but also to filmmakers. Where did the boundary lie between social consumption, abuse, and dependence? How dangerous was alcohol for the socialist society and its image of people? The answers to these questions ranged from moralist appeals and medical explanations all the way to unflinching descriptions of dependency and illness from close-up, such as Angelika Andrees’ and Petra Tschörtner’s long-banned documentary HEIM (1979) about children’s experiences with alcohol and Eduard Schreiber’s portrait of workers dependent on alcohol in RÜCKFÄLLIG (1988) (ps) An event by CineGraph Babelsberg in collaboration with the ERC project “The Healthy Self as Body Capital” at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the University of Strassburg, the Bundesarchiv, and the Deutsche Kinemathek. With an introduction by Viola Balz (11.11.)

arsenal cinema: AFRIKAMERA 2019: Africa Lusofonia

03:00 pm Cinema 1

On the Move/All On Board

Weltfilme Special: On the Move/All On Board
Short film program Ghana/Sierra Leone 2017–2018
Digital file OV/EnS approx. 78 min

arsenal cinema: AFRIKAMERA 2019: Africa Lusofonia

04:30 pm Cinema 1

Between God and I

Between God and I Yara Costa Mozambique 2018
DCP OV/EnS 60 min

arsenal cinema: AFRIKAMERA 2019: Africa Lusofonia

06:30 pm Cinema 1

Our Madness

Our Madness João Viana
Mozambique/Guinea-Bissau/Katar/Portugal/France 2018
DCP OV/EnS 90 min

arsenal cinema: Peter Lilienthal Retrospective (2) 

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Das Schweigen des Dichters

*Das Schweigen des Dichters
FRG 1987 DCP 102 min

arsenal cinema: AFRIKAMERA 2019: Africa Lusofonia

09:00 pm Cinema 1


Resgate Mickey Fonseca Mozambique 2019
Digital file OV/EnS 100 min

Director Mickey Fonseca in person