June 2018, arsenal cinema

Technologies of violence


The short film series curated by Maria Morata and Piedad Solans explores the relationship between arts, digital technologies, and the contemporary production of violence over five programs being screened in May and June. Technology as a system of organization, services, and control holds the tools for global domination in machines, the Internet and electronic systems – for a new era of political security whose field of representation is cyberspace. In semio-capitalism, digital images are produced, manipulated, and disseminated by the military complex, the leisure industry and the media and are a powerful instrument of ideological propaganda. The role of the technological image in the digital context opens up critical reflection on the paradoxes of the technosphere which frames them: between transparency and invisibility, control and optimization, utopia and dystopia. The program “Techno-Öko-Zän” (“Techno-Eco-Cene”, 6.6.) examines the influence of technologies on the earth’s eco-systems in the Anthropocene geological epoch and their impact on programmed climate change, which is subject to the economic interests of what is known as the Capitalocene.

The films of the “Der quantifizierte Körper“ (“The Quantified Body”, 13.6.) program focus on the relationship between humans and machines against a backdrop of biotechnology, biometry and recognition technologies. They reflect on artificial intelligence, emotions, neuroscientific image systems, surgical robots and retina experiments. (mm/ps)

A project by Art Santa Mónica, with the support of the Institut Ramon Llull and the Embassy of Spain.