July 2018, arsenal cinema

Public Screening: The Harun Farocki Institute Presents

Issue 335/336 of Filmkritik in 1984 was supposed to be dedicated to Emile de Antonio. The layout for the texts, including a 40-page conversation between Antonio and Arno Luik, had already been completed, but there was no money left for printing; the magazine ceases to be published. As the HaFI’s contribution to the “Edit Film Culture!” project, the issue is now finally to appear 400 months late via Brinkmann & Bose, conceived by Jürgen Ebert. To accompany the publication, we are showing de Antonio’s IN THE KING OF PRUSSIA (1983) – “a film about the legal process against the “Plowshares Eight‘, eight members of the Christian peace movement in US, who hammered a nuclear warhead to pieces at a weapon’s factory.” (Ebert) The accused play themselves, while the police, jury, and court staff are played by actors, with Martin Sheen as judge Samuel Saulus II. (HaFI) (11.7.)

arsenal cinema: FU Seminar: 
What Does Music Do to Film?

05:00 pm Cinema 1



Sans Lune

Lint Lent Land

Pacific 231

Rhythmus 21

Polizeibericht Überfall

*Inflation Hans Richter Germany 1928 DCP 4 min
*Play Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller Germany 2003 Digital file 8 min
*Sans Lune Sophie Watzlawick CH/Germany 2017 16 mm 8 min
*Lint Lent Land Isabell Spengler Germany 2009 35 mm 9 min
*Pacific 231 Jean Mitry F 1949 35 mm OF 11 min
*Rhythmus 21 Hans Richter Germany 1921 16 mm 2 min
*Polizeibericht Überfall Ernö Metzner Germany 1928 16 mm 16 min

Introduced by Eunice Martins
arsenal cinema: Unknown Pleasures #12
 – American Independent Film Fest

07:30 pm Cinema 1

All About My Sisters

All About My Sisters Wang Qiong USA 2021
DCP OV/EnS 174 min