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The hygiene concept for the Arsenal cinema takes its bearings from the SARS-CoV-2 Basic Protective Measures Ordinance of March 29th, 2022 and the specifics of the Arsenal premises.

Entry to the auditorium.
No entry to the auditorium is permitted once the screening has begun.

Entering and exiting the Filmhaus
The entrance to the Arsenal cinemas on the second basement level can be accessed via the revolving door on the ground floor of the Filmhaus. The door is either completely open or in revolving mode, with contactless entry to the Filmhaus guaranteed in both cases.

Important: From 1.4. onwards, the “3G” rule no longer applies. Wearing a mask is still mandatory. The number of seats in the cinema is restricted.

Accessing the cinema foyer on the second basement level -2
The Arsenal cinemas on the second basement level -2 can be accessed via the elevators or the stairs. The elevators can only be used by a maximum of two people at a time.

Hand disinfectant in the cinema foyer 
Two disinfectant dispensers for disinfecting hands can be found in the cinema foyer on -2: one next to the box office and one by the entrance to the cinemas.   

Notices in the cinema foyer
Notices providing information on the applicable social distancing regulations and hygiene measures are displayed in clear view in the foyer. They include the following information:

Those coming to the Arsenal cinema must:
a) observe a minimum distance of 1.5 m to others (in the foyer and the auditorium)
b) wear a FFP2 mask the whole time
c) keep to the following hygiene rules: thorough handwashing, disinfecting of hands, sneezing/coughing etiquette
d) pay heed to the floor markings for social distancing at the box office and in the foyer.

Coming to the Arsenal cinema without a FFP2 mask and/or with an acute respiratory illness is not possible. Anyone who has had contact with someone infected with COVID-19 in the previous 14 days or is developing symptoms of a disease of any kind themselves is not permitted to attend events at the cinema.

A minimum distance of 1.5 m is to be observed in the foyer. This applies to the entire foyer area as well as to the use of the seating there.  

Distance markings 
Markings on the floor in front of the box office and the entrance to the cinema are intended to make sure that the appropriate distance is observed when queuing and to guide visitors in the correct direction. Cinemagoers are requested to enter the cinema auditorium immediately after buying their ticket.

Plexiglas screens at the box office
Plexiglas screens have been installed at both cash registers at the Arsenal box office to protect cinemagoers and staff.

Cashless payment
Credit cards and EC cards can be used to pay for cinema tickets and kiosk items without the need for cash. All standard cards are accepted, including Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, and VPAY.

Online ticketing
Tickets for Arsenal events can be purchased online via the button on the home page of the Arsenal website. The corresponding receipt is sent via email.
Cinemagoers are requested to make use of the online ticket service or to make a reservation via telephone to avoid crowds forming in the evening as far as possible.
Reserved tickets must be picked up from the box office 20 minutes before the start of the screening at the lastest.

Allocated seating 
The seat number indicated on the ticket is binding.

Restricted number of cinemagoers in the auditoria
Individual seats will be sealed off and marked as such to maintain a distance of 1 meter between cinemagoers at Arsenal 1. The total number of available seats at Arsenal 1 is 119. Arsenal 2 will remain closed until further notice.

Sufficient air circulation will be ensured to achieve good air quality. During screenings, only fresh air enters the auditoria via the ventilation system. The ventilation system is turned on at least 45 minutes before the beginning of the first screening and left on for at least 45 minutes after the end of the last screening. Additional air circulation will also be ensured before and after screenings by the doors being left open.

The distancing regulations also apply in the toilets. In line with hygiene plan, it will be ensured that sufficient liquid soap and single-use hand towels are available.

(as of April 1st, 2022)

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