September 2012

New on "The Bad Field"

We are delighted to present Bernhard Sallmanns‘s documentary THE BAD FIELD on our VOD channel at A familiar view: How much does one see when one looks out of a window? What is visible, what remains invisible? The view of THE BAD FIELD from the window of my room in my parents´ house is the starting point of this video work. The field is both a doorway to and a surface onto which themes of the film can be projected: childhood, war, the disappearance of rural world – periods, times overlap and clash.

The following films are also still available for streaming on our VOD channel: AUFNAHME (EMERGENCY ROOM) by Stefan Lahndorf, AFTER EFFECT by Stephan Geene, LIFETIMESHORT by Gesine Danckwart, Harun Farocki's TRANSMISSION (Germany, 2007), BULGARIA OF ALL PLACES (Germany/Bulgaria 2006) by Christo Bakalski, SUNNY LAND (Germany, South Africa 2010) by Aljoscha Weskott and Marietta Kesting, SUPER ART MARKET (Germany 2009) by Zoran Solomun and Angelika Levi’s films MEIN LEBEN TEIL 2 (Germany 2003) and ABSENT PRESENT (Spain, Senegal, Germany 2010).

Over the coming months, we will continue to expand the range of films available for streaming. Our VoD-Channel can be found at