september 2019, arsenal cinema

"Souls made great by love and adversity" – Frank Borzage retrospective

Frank Borzage (1894–1962) was described as a “poet of the working class” and an “uncompromising romanticist”. His films focus on romantic love in all its guises and the complexity of human emotions. Depending on the storyline, the spiritual power of love transcends time, space and in some cases even death, creating its own space, in which the laws of physics are suspended. Despite being one of the greatest and most productive classic Hollywood filmmakers, who made films with the biggest stars of his time, Franz Borzage is largely unknown today. He started producing his own films from 1923 onwards and was thus one of the few Hollywood directors to have almost complete control over his films, working for over four decades, from the early era of cinema to the beginning of the decline of the studio system. Borzage started out as an actor and then made over 100 films between 1915 and 1959, which are not all available today, in particular the silent movies.

Our retrospective features 20 films made between 1917 and 1948 as well as several film introductions. The silent films will all be accompanied by pianists.

september 2019, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour – 
Between fiction and documentary: cinematic intersections and bridges

Docudramas, docufiction, performative or fake documentaries, mockumentaries, reenactment, documentary fiction – the ways of describing the hybrid forms that occupy the grey area between documentary and fiction in cinema and television are as diverse as the tradition of such works is long. Even in early cinema there were attempts, of varying guises and amounts of transparency, to blur the lines between fiction and non-fiction, to combine two commonly understood separate forms in an experimental, analytical, distancing, concentrated or reflective manner.

This month's Magical History Tour presents a selection of examples that cross the boundaries of documentary and fiction from the past 100 years.

september 2019, arsenal cinema

Women artists' program

From Septrember 25-29, Arsenal is presenting works made by grant-holders of Berlin’s cultural department’s "Funding program for women artists in film/video" over the past two years. What should be underlined is the event’s open form and the fact that many of the works are still in the process of becoming. A space will be created to discuss the artistic approaches in a joint discussion. The inscription of an artist’s signature in the decisive selection of a medium of expression, the subtle approach to familial and social upheavals, the questioning of ascribed roles, the conscious transgression of traditional narrative forms in the performative exaggeration or the rejection of dramatic form are just some of the themes emerging.

arsenal cinema: Harun Farocki: Year by Year / Side by Side (1)

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Die Arbeit mit Bildern. Eine Telekritik von Harun Farocki

Über "Song of Ceylon" von Basil Wright

Die Arbeit mit Bildern. Eine Telekritik von Harun Farocki
The Struggle with Images. A Critique of Television FRG 1974
Digital file 44 min
Über "Song of Ceylon" von Basil Wright
About "Song of Ceylon" by Basil Wright
FRG 1975 Digital file OV/EnS 30 min

arsenal cinema: Anatomy of loneliness – The Films of Tsai Ming-liang

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Tian bian yi duo yun

Tian bian yi duo yun The Wayward Cloud Taiwan/France 2004
With Lee Kang-Sheng, Chen Shiang-chyi 35 mm OV/EnS 115 min

arsenal cinema: Harun Farocki: Year by Year / Side by Side (1)

09:00 pm Cinema 2


Die Schlacht. Szenen aus Deutschland

Year by Year:
Erzählen About Narration Ingemo Engström, Harun Farocki FRG 1975
Digital file OV/EnS 60 min
Die Schlacht. Szenen aus Deutschland
The Battle. Scenes from Germany
Harun Farocki, Hanns Zischler FRG 1976
Digital file 52 min