may 2018, arsenal cinema

Retrospective Pietro Germi

Pietro Germi (1914–1974) was one of the outstanding personalities of Italian cinema from the 40s to the 70s. Born in Genoa, the director, actor, and screenwriter was one of the first generation of Neorealist directors alongside Visconti, De Sica, and Rossellini. Much like those of Antonio Pietrangeli, Germi’s directorial works represent a link between Neorealism and Commedia all’ italiana, “which doesn’t betray the former, but rather moves it forward in popular, satirical fashion” (Gerhard Midding). Germi gained international recognition and fame with his third film IN NOME DELLA LEGGE (1949), a milestone in the history of the mafia film which doubles up as a tribute to John Ford and Sicily, where Germi shot a total of five films. IL CAMMINO DELLA SPERANZA (1950), IL FERROVIERE (1956) and the literary adaptation UN MALEDETTO IMBROGLIO (1959), in which Germi also took on the leading role, established him as a significant force in Italian cinema. The Oscar-winning international success DIVORZIO ALL’ITALIANA followed in 1961, which was the start of a series of socially critical comedies about Italian customs, traditions, and laws which polemicized the discrimination of the woman and the dual morals of the bourgeoisie. What’s characteristic of Germi’s films is their precise observation of Italian life, their enthusiasm for the expressive power of faces, and the director’s humanist view of the world – who Otar Iosseliani saw as “one of the most noble-minded filmmakers ever to have existed”. For all their bitterness in the depiction of social living conditions, they are above all films “in which the heavy weight of life is assuaged by the rich depth of feeling, a warming maturity of the heart.” (Martin Schlappner)

From May 18 - 31, we are presenting eleven films by Pietro Germi from 1948 to 1972 in collaboration with the Italienisches Kulturinstitut. The retrospective is accompanied by four introductions and a lecture by Mario Sesti (19.5.).

may 2018, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour: Production Design

The "eye of the director" – that's Ken Adams's pithy description of the function of the production designer (who is referred to variously as set designer or scenographer, depending on the production company, country, or period), who takes responsibility for a broad range of different tasks, starting with the conceptual visualization of the script and taking in the design of the cinematic universe all the way to the creation and implementation of the interiors and exteriors. The work of the production designer doesn't just leave its mark on the look of a film, but also on its atmosphere and mood and not just in design-intensive genre films. Despite being impossible to overlook, the key contribution made by production design to the all-embracing nature of cinematic art is too seldom recognized. All the more reason then to dedicate May’s Magical History Tour to the quite literally multiform world of production design.

may 2018, berlinale forum

Section head change for Berlinale Forum

Christoph Terhechte will vacate his position as director of the Berlinale Forum in July of 2018. He was appointed to the Forum selection committee in 1997, and in June of 2001 he took over the Forum director’s position from Ulrich Gregor, founder of the section, which has been presented by the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art since 1971. Terhechte has also been a member of the Berlinale Competition selection committee since 2002. Christoph Terhechte now wishes to take on new career challenges.

arsenal cinema: Tribute to István Szabó

07:00 pm Cinema 1


Apa Vater István Szabó Hungary 1967
With András Bálint, Miklós Gábor
Restored version
35 mm OV/EnS 98 min

arsenal cinema: Book presentation: Kino Arbeit Liebe. Homage to Elisabeth Büttner

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Algiers – Blood

[Wellen schlagen gegen die Küste, beobachtet von einer Frau]



Outer Space

31/75 Asyl

David Bowie – Right

Algiers – Blood Lamb & Sea USA/GB 2015 Digital file OV 6 min
[Wellen schlagen gegen die Küste, beobachtet von einer Frau]
Austria 1914–1918 35 mm without dialogue 1 min
Decodings Michael Wallin USA 1988 16 mm OV 15 min
Passagen Lisl Ponger Austria 1996 35 mm OV 11 min
Outer Space Peter Tscherkassky Austria 1999 35 mm OV 10 min
31/75 Asyl Kurt Kren Austria 1975 16 mm without dialogue 8 min
David Bowie – Right USA 1975 Digital file OV 4 min

Introduced by Petra Löffler, Christian Dewald, Marc Ries
arsenal cinema: Tribute to István Szabó

09:00 pm Cinema 1


Bizalom Confidence István Szabó Hungary 1980
With Andorai Péter, Bánsági Ildikó
Restored version
35 mm OV/EnS 108 min