november 2018, arsenal cinema

A Tribute to Sergei Parajanov

Armenian-Georgian director and artist Sergei Parajanov (1924-1990) is one of the most fascinating figures in 20th century cinema. Born in Tbilisi to Armenian parents, he grew up there before moving to Moscow to study at the VGIK film school and subsequently worked in the Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan during the Soviet era. The cultures, traditions, folklore, and myths of these countries and regions pervade his films, which continue to impress today thanks to their singular expressive power, unmistakable originality, complex visual compositions, and radically free cinematic forms. Celebrated as an outstanding filmmaker from the mid-60s both at home and beyond, Parajanov’s artistic audacity and multi-faceted approach to culture was met with increasing rejection in the Soviet Union, however. Interventions on the part of the censors were followed by prison terms spanning many years and a filmmaking ban; Parajanov was only able to make two further features once it was finally lifted.

This ten-film tribute, which presents all of Parajanov’s eight still-extant features, including his rarely screened early works, now enables his work to be re-discovered from November 20-30. In cooperation with the Parajanov Museum in Yerevan (Armenia), an exhibition of Parajanov’s artistic works will be on show at the Filmmuseum Potsdam from 1.12. onwards.

november 2018, arsenal cinema

Magical History Tour – 
Letters in Movement

Flowing cascades of signs, rotating words, dancing letters, scratched, embossed, double-exposed, superimposed, animated – from the very beginning of cinema, printed characters have been freed from their static identity and made dynamic in multiple ways. Letters that succumb to movement have very different functions in this new system: they open or close films, act as a commentary or a metaphor (of storytelling), as providers of information or graphic elements, as a dramatic tool or an emotionalizing factor. Writing in film opens up new areas of association, posing questions about visibility and structure, perception and materialism, mise-en-scene and innovation.

This is what we want to explore in this month's Magical History Tour’s excursion into the moving world of letters, presenting examples of how writing has been dealt with in fiction, avant-garde and experimental cinema as well as in "classic" writing or Lettrist films.

november 2018, arsenal cinema

A 37 90 89

The A 37 90 89. The Discovery of the Avant-Garde exhibition project at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) is dedicated to the A 37 90 89 project space that was founded in Antwerp in 1969 and which influenced the alternative project spaces, producer galleries, and participatory initiatives that were to follow it in exemplary fashion. Alongside a collaboration with contemporary project space after the butcher, the project includes a film program realized in collaboration with Arsenal, discussion events, and conversations with people from the time. A monthly film evening will be taking place at Arsenal until January 2019, kicking off on November 22. NOW! (Santiago Álvarez, Cuba 1965) is a montage film put together from stills about the discrimination of African-Americans in the US, edited according to the song of the same name. MADINA BOÉ (José Massip, Cuba 1968) documents Guinea-Bissau’s fight for independence from Portuguese colonial power. Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund.

november 2018, arsenal cinema

French Film Week – Special: 

As part of the French Film Week, Arsenal is presenting four notable current French documentaries that screened at renowned international festivals, but have yet to find German distribution. The works selected reflect the sheer visual and thematic range that characterizes French documentary filmmaking as well as the social engagement of their directors.

As a special event on November 29, LE LIVRE D’IMAGE by Jean-Luc Godard will be shown. The most recent work by the 87-year-old, which premiered this year in Cannes, is another mosaic stone in his lifelong exploration of the relationship between the image and being. Once again, he rethinks the rules of cinema: silent film scenes are followed by execution videos from the Internet, images are processed and placed in a dissonant relationship with the polyphonic, multi-lingual soundtrack. Divided into five chapters, Godard equally reflects on the most important social and political themes of the last years, such as the consequences of the Arab Spring and the power of digital techniques. “I need an entire day to tell the story of a single second”, says Godard in voiceover. “In order to tell the story of an hour, I need a whole life”.

With the friendly support of the Institut français.

arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #7: Heide Schlüpmann

06:00 pm Cinema 1

Vortrag von Heide Schlüpmann

Lecture by Heide Schlüpmann (Goethe-Universität
Frankfurt): „Raumgeben“
In German
Admission free

arsenal cinema: Edit Film Culture!

07:30 pm

Rose Hobart

La rabbia

A Movie


Looking For Mushrooms

The White Rose

Marilyn Times Five

Take the 5:10 to Dreamland


Valse triste

Permanent Wave

Dream Documentary

Standard Gauge

Displaced Person

28.7.1991: Found Footage Filme von Bruce Conner und anderen. Vorgestellt
von Alf Bold (Filmmuseum München)
Teil 1: *Rose Hobart Joseph Cornell 1936 19 min
*La rabbia Pier Paolo Pasolini 1961 53 min
*A Movie Bruce Conner 1958 12 min
*Report Bruce Conner 1967 13 min
*Looking For Mushrooms Bruce Conner 1961 14 min
The White Rose Bruce Conner 1967 7 min
22 Uhr Teil 2: *Marilyn Times Five Bruce Conner 1974 13 min
*Take the 5:10 to Dreamland Bruce Conner 1975 6 min
*Mongoloid Bruce Conner 1978 4 min
Valse triste Bruce Conner 1979 5 min
*Permanent Wave Anita Thacher 1978 4 min
*Dream Documentary Fred Marx 1983 6 min
*Standard Gauge Morgan Fisher 1984 35 min
*Displaced Person Dan Eisenberg 1981 11 min

At silent green Kulturquartier, Open Air from 10 pm Introduced by Matthias Müller
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: Cinematic Strolls, Flaneurs in Film

08:00 pm Cinema 2

Before Sunset

Before Sunset Richard Linklater
USA 2004 With Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy
35 mm OV/GeS 80 min

arsenal cinema: Cinepoetics Lecture #7: Heide Schlüpmann

08:15 pm Cinema 1

Kumar Talkies

*Kumar Talkies Pankaj Rishi Kumar India 1999
16 mm OV/GeS 77 min