August 2016, living archive

Filmmakers' Choice


This month's Filmmakers' Choice will be presented by Stefan Zeyen on August 22: Films on the margins of the screen and beyond: from extending the film space to include the audience (OVERSHOULDER, Stefan Zeyen, Germany 2012/16), to reducing cinema to simply film sound (WOCHENENDE, Walther Ruttmann, Germany 1930), to the de-coupling of language from thought (BOOMERANG, Richard Serra, USA 1974). The beauty of concerted action (BERLINFIEBER, Wolf Vostell, Ulrike Ottinger, West Germany 1973) and the compression of a story by superimposition (SSSHORTY OR SHORT STORY, Michael Snow, Kanada 2005). Finally, the marriage of this sound with that image (LES MAINS NÉGATIVES, Marguerite Duras, France 1979) and the change in the aggregate state from fluid to solid, from film to book (THE MOVIE FILES, Stefan Zeyen, Germany 2016).