August 2018, living archive

This Month's Filmmakers' Choice


In this Month's edition of Filmmakers' choice Bärbel Freund will present a selection of her own films as well as films with and by Ute Aurand and Karl Heil. We are delighted to welcome Bärbel Freund, Ute Aurand and Karl Heil as our guests on August 1.

Films by Karl Heil, Ute Aurand, and Bärbel Freund will be shown which they shot alone, as a duo or as a trio. LES CHATS DE L’ATALANTE (2013) by Karl Heil is based on Jean Vigo’s L’Atalante and focuses on the scenes in which cats appear. Drawings by Harald V. Uccello, a speaker, and a bandoneon arrangement are its central elements. In SANS TITRE (2018), crows observe an ice-skater. DIE SPIELREGELN (1985) are the rules of the game established by a child (Marcus Freund), who is asked questions by the director (his sister) about love, jealousy, numbers, kissing, and kisses. “Do you think that love has something to do with the number 2? Does jealousy have anything to do with the number 3?” According to rules set out in advance, human relationships are then acted out by two women and two men as desire, love, jealously, anger, indifference, tenderness, dispute, separation, staying together, conversation, habit, longing. (Johannes Beringer. IM GARTEN (2002) by Ute Aurand and Bärbel Freund is a film portrait of a garden which gardener Karl Foerster set out in Potsdam-Bornim in 1910. BÄRBEL UND CHARLY (1994) by Ute Aurand is the filmmaker’s portrait of Bärbel Freund and Karl Heil. “Over a longer period of time, we worked together on the idea of a film portrait in several stanzas: in Venice, in the snow, in the apartment, in the summer, alone and together as a couple.” (Bärbel Freund)