Off Frame aka Revolution Until Victory


OFF FRAME AKA REVOLUTION UNTIL VICTORY, Mohanad Yaqubi, Palestine/France/Qatar/Lebanon 2016, DCP, OV/EnS, 63 min
In attendance of the director
Sep 4, 2021 22:00 Arsenal Cinema, from Sep 5 on arsenal 3

OFF FRAME AKA REVOLUTION UNTIL VICTORY combines images from a dream for freedom to traces the fragments of a revolution, using material from films produced in support of the Palestinian revolutionary struggle between 1968 and 1982. For the outside world, these films represented a model of a people engaged in political struggle, explaining why they are fighting and against whom. For Palestinians, these films marked the transformation of their identity, from refugee to freedom fighter. The Palestinian revolutionaries collaborated with filmmakers, actors, and activists from Syria, Italy, the UK, Lebanon, France, Germany, Argentina, and many others, and forged partnerships with institutions in Berlin, Moscow, Baghdad, and Cuba. This film brings together moments from a selection of these militant films into one timeline, in which the sole consistency between the various shots, clips, and sequences are the straddled borders between fiction, propaganda, dream, and reality that serve to produce a complex narrative of a people’s shared struggle.