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The film series Fiktionsbescheinigung - Cinematic Perspectives on Germany is dedicated to the work of Black directors and directors of color in Germany. It explores the question of how culture in general and cinema in particular are related to society and racism and grapples with an underrepresented chapter of German film history. It was developed in 2021 as part of the Berlinale Forum by independent curators Enoka Ayemba, Karina Griffith, Jacqueline Nsiah, Biene Pilavci and Can Sungu. Its second edition took place in February 2022.

The curators, the Berlinale Forum and the Goethe-Institut are now cooperating to make a selection of the films accessible to international audiences from April 20, 2022. Film fans outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland can watch 13 shorts and feature-length works from the series together with short video introductions by the curators via the Goethe on Demand platform: https://fiktionsbescheinigung.goethe-on-demand.de/ 

The curators, the Berlinale Forum and the Goethe-Institut see this cooperation as an important means of bringing the work of filmmakers marginalized in Germany to the international stage, of making processes of cultural work and selection more transparent and of encouraging transnational dialogue about film historiography and how film canons are formed.

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