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August 2013, arsenal cinema

Living Archive: El golpe

Auguso Pinochet's military putsch of 11. September 1973 brought a violent end to the attempt to establish a democratic socialist state in Chile. Called "el golpe" in Chile, the coup marks its 40th anniversary this month. We are showing a program curated by Florian Wüst that examines social and economic inequalities in early 1970s Chile and sees them as the basis for the political clashes. REPORTAJE A LOTA documents living and working conditions in the mining town of Lota before Salvador Allende's election. Peter Nestler's CHILEFILM analyzes the long history of imperialistic exploitation and the class struggle. The situation immediately after the putsch is depicted in CONTRA LA RAZON Y POR LA FUERZA: Santiago in a state of war, the villa district celebrating, the workers' settlements in mourning. (11.9., Einf.: F. Wüst)