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January 2018, arsenal cinema

Helga Fanderl: How I shoot, how I program and how I show films


The artist Helga Fanderl will present her film oeuvre in a lecture and provide an introduction to her practice of making  and screening films, with a Super8 camera and examples of films. Her over 600 films - edited in the camera itself - are complex dialogues with the sensual and graphic qualities of the exterior world, animals, people, structures, light. Details that are constantly and discreetly altered, zooms, changing speeds, repetition, flickering produce an energy that remains committed to the ephemeral and the small form. “Visible and invisible, abandon to an object (and abandon of oneself) and abandon to oneself meet.” (Helga Fanderl)

A  Seminar for Film Studies at the FU Berlin event in conjunction with  Volker Pantenburg's "Distribution Studies" lecture and Madeleine Bernstorff's "auto-fiction" seminar. (mb) (17.1.)