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September 2021, arsenal cinema

arsenal 3 – Archival Assembly #1


At the Archival Assembly #1 festival, one part of the program will be shown on arsenal 3. The films will be made available from the day after they screen in the cinema until mid-September. They include MUEDA, MEMÓRIA E MASSACRE (Ruy Guerra, Mozambique 1979, based on the Trópicos Mecânicos performance), an anticolonial work of memory featuring reenactments of the massacre of Mueda; BÖSE ZU SEIN IST AUCH EIN BEWEIS VON GEFÜHL (FRG 1983) by Cynthia Beatt, which is a personal and cathartic confrontation with the status of the filmmaker as a non-German in 1970s and 1980s Berlin; the short film LES NOMADES DU SOLEIL (1953) and LA SUISSE S’INTERROGE (1964) by the Swiss documentary film pioneer Henry Brandt; OF DUST AND RUBIES, A FILM ON SUSPENSION (Tamer El Said, G 2020), a collective exploration of the unfinished film Of Dust and Rubies by Hussein Shariffe, whose DIARY IN EXILE (1993, in cooperation with Atteyat Al Abnoudy) will also be presented; TAMBAKU CHAAKILA OOB ALI (1982) and SUDESHA (1983) by Yugantar, the first feminist film collective in India; MAPPING LESSONS (Philip Rizk, Egypt 2020), which takes the viewer with K on a trip through space and time to the Levant during the colonial era; two films by Serap Berrakkarasu, TÖCHTER ZWEIER WELTEN (FRG 1990) about a mother, who emigrated from Turkey to Germany, and her daughter who grew up in Germany, and EKMEK PARASI – GELD FÜR’S BROT (G 1994), a film about women from Turkey and Mecklenburg who work together in a fish factory in Lübeck; OFF FRAME AKA REVOLUTION UNTIL VICTORY (Mohanad Yaqubi, 2016), a film that explores the fragments of a revolution and puts together pictures of a dream of freedom; MEIN LEBEN TEIL 2 (Angelika Levi, G 2003), which reconstructs the life of filmmaker’s mother on the basis of her estate and in doing so explores the connections between a person’s own life and past and history, as well as PRATER (Ulrike Ottinger, G/AT 2007), which delves into the many facets of Vienna’s Prater.