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May 2011, arsenal cinema

50 Years of Film: Corinne and Arthur Cantrill


With a selection of their works on May 21 & 25, we would like to honor Corinne and Arthur Cantrill, who have been making films together for fifty years now. Their joint filmography comprises more than 150 works ranging from documentaries to experimental films, from multi-screen installations to performances. The main emphasis of their work has been and is on the filmic examination of themes such as landscape, color, light, and the history and technology of film. International retrospectives and exhibitions of their works have led them to Berlin, where they stayed for several months as grant recipients of the DAAD. Several of their films are in the stocks of Arsenal. Among other films, we will screen 4000 FRAMES (1970), HEAT SHIMMER (1978), NOTES ON THE PASSAGE OF TIME (1979), and NOTES ON BERLIN (1986).

We are delighted that the film scholar Dominique Bluher will give an introduction to the event on May 21.