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June 2013, arsenal cinema

Now! (Compressed)

NOW!, 1965

In February 2012, students from Hito Steyerl's class at the UdK Berlin organized the exhibition Now! (Extended): A Copy in Motion at Kunstraum Kreuzberg. It featured cinematographic, installative, performative and sculptural works which examined Santiago Álvarez's NOW! (Cuba 1965), a found-footage film made up of photos of the US 1960s civil rights movement, and asked how relevant the film is in a digital era in which images and sounds are becoming increasingly mobile and their appropriation and piracy are daily occurrences. In June, the students will show an installative documentary of the exhibition at the KW and present a book about the project (Performing Books, KW, 19.6.). There will also be film performances at Arsenal (22.6.).

Films from our archive:

NOW! (Santiago Álvarez, Cuba 1965, 22.6.) is about the struggle against racial discrimination in the USA. Álvarez combines newsreel material, photos and comic strips into a shattering condemnation.

79 PRIMAVERAS (Santiago Álvarez, Cuba 1969, 22.6.)
The film is dedicated to Ho Chi Minh, the revolutionary and president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, who died at the age of 79 in 1969. Alvarez' "most beautiful and gripping film is also his most poetic." (Peter B. Schumann)