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November 2015, arsenal cinema

10 Years of VISION KINO

The nationwide network for promoting film and media skills celebrates its tenth anniversary on 3.11. Instead of taking an extended look back at the five-and-a-half million school children who have attended the School Cinema Weeks, numerous publications, and large conferences, it is a current project that forms the focus of attention: during the autumn vacation, Berlin school children created soundtracks for silent, experimental, and animated films together with composers Eunice Martins and Laura Mello, including the classic Le Voyage dans la Luneby Georges Méliès (France 1902), Hans Richter’s Rhythmus 23 (Germany 1923), the stop-motion animation Dwightiana by Marie Menken (USA 1958), and more recent recent production High Wool (Nikolai Maderthoner, Moritz Mugler, Germany 2013). The screening is part of the anniversary celebrations, which State Minister for Culture Monika Grütters and FFA President Bernd Neumann are expected to attend (mw).