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La Prisionera

The Prisoner

Alejo Moguillansky, Fermín Villanueva

Argentina 2006

16.02. 21:30 CineStar 8 (Eng. subtitles)
17.02. 20:00 Colosseum 1 (Ger. subtitles)
18.02. 14:00 CineStar 8 (Eng. subtitles)
19.02. 12:30 Arsenal 1 (Ger. subtitles)

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Manuel is a musician. Ana works in a studio. Some time ago they were together. Leo makes ends meet doing freelance jobs for a real estate agent. Leo's ex­boyfriend has changed the lock. Ana and Manuel will help her in getting back her belongings. Leo finds comfort in Manuel. One afternoon, Ana and Leo find a way of becoming friends. A watch disappears from the studio. Manuel loses his job. Ana, Manuel and Leo plunge into a strange and arbitrary wave of per­secutions and misencounters, randomness and suspi­cion. None of them is innocent. A weekend in Mar del Plata, a seaside resort, in winter. Ana and Manuel become closer. Leo puts an end to a possible preg­nancy. It all starts over again. In their ambitious feature film debut, Alejo Moguillansky and Fermín Villanueva laconically nar­rate this love triangle of young people in today's Buenos Aires. Leo moves through the story like a prisoner of her own sometimes seemingly perverse desires, simultaneously seeking and eluding intima­cy. One of contemporary Argentine cinem'’s most remarkable films.


Production: Revolver Films, Alejo Moguillansky, Fermín Villanueva, supported by INCAA, Universidad del Cine, Fundación Antorchas

Screenplay: Fermín Villanueva, Alejo Moguillansky

Cinematographer: Gustavo Biazzi

Editors: Fermín Villanueva, Alejo Moguillansky

Composers: Gabriel Barredo, Emilio Haro

Cast: Lola Arias, Gabriel Barredo, Mariana Chaud, Agustín Guemes, Gabriel Lima

Format, screen ratio: 35mm, Color, 1:1.66

Running time: 75 minuten, 24 frames/sec.

Language: Spanish