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Men at Work

Kargaran mashghool-e karand

Mani Haghighi

Iran 2006

15.02. 21:30 Delphi Filmpalast (Eng. subtitles)
16.02. 14:00 CineStar 8 (Eng. subtitles)
16.02. 22:15 Arsenal 1 (Eng. subtitles)
18.02. 16:30 CineStar 8 (Eng. subtitles)

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The film tells the hilarious story of four old friends who, driving back from a failed skiing trip, encounter a strange, enormous rock. The men's friv­olous attempt to dislodge the rock gradually disinte­grates into a tale of betrayal, defeat, and renewed hope. "At first, one thinks one is watching a film by the great Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami. A car drives along a winding hillside road and one hears, off­screen, the voices of the people inside. But the introductory shot is simply a little inside joke by Mani Haghighi, who for many years was Kiarostami's assistant, and who bought the concept for Men at Work from him… It is not only its sense for the com­ical inanity of existence that makes this digitally­shot film so wonderfully unique; it is also its readi­ness to rise above the social criticism that the West continually expects from Iranian cinema. The heroes of Men at Work are doctors, engineers and business­men in the throes of mid-life crises. Their middle­class problems and the absurd phallic rock venture give rise to a kind of humor that leads from Iran's mountains into other, Beckettian expanses." Katja Nicodemus


Production: Aftab Negaran Productions Co., Teheran

Screenplay: Mani Haghighi based on an idea by Abbas Kiarostami

Cinematographer: Koohyar Kalari

Art Direction: Amir Esbati

Cast: Attila Pesyani, Mahmoud Kalari, Ahmad Hamed, Omid Rohani, Fatemeh Motamed Arya

Format, screen ratio: 35mm (shot on DVCAM), 1:1.65, Color

Running time: 75 minutes, 24 frames/sec.

Language: Farsi


Foto: © Atta Hasheminejad