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We Can't Go Home Again

Bokura wa mo kaerenai

Fujiwara Toshi

Japan 2006

14.02. 21:15 CineStar 8 (Eng. subtitles)
15.02. 12:30 CinemaxX 3 (Eng. subtitles)
15.02. 20:00 Colosseum 1 (Ger. subtitles)
17.02. 19:45 Arsenal 1 (Ger. subtitles)

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Tokyo at the beginning of the 21st century. Five young people, each of them struggling to find the meaning of their existence. Mao feels very inse­cure these days. She works as an editor in a publish­ing house that specializes in books on cinema, but every day she feels she doesn’t have enough knowl­edge and experience for her job. And wherever she goes, she finds the same young man who immediate­ly starts following her. Yushin, a university student, joins the publishing house as a part-time worker. He studies film and is very happy working here, feeling he has joined the "film industry" (or the adult world). Kurumi works as a "Queen" in a sado-masochistic club; a profession she took because she felt she enjoyed beating men. Every weekend, she goes to a park to meet Masato, with whom she seems to find relax­ation rather than attraction. Masato is a graduate student. But though Kurumi innocently considers him a future university professor, that doesn’t seem to be exactly what Masato thinks of himself. Atsushi always carries a Polaroid camera and takes photos everywhere he goes; not of the places he visits, but of his own face… "This film was created as a 'collective improvisation' with non-actors. Most scenes were carefully com­posed as continuous, uninterrupted sequence shots. The desire was to capture the atmosphere as a whole; as slices, or fragments, of our contemporary urbanized reality, and to observe how we cope (or very often cannot) with it." Fujiwara Toshi


Production + World Sales: Compass Films

Cinematographer, editing: Fujiwara Toshi

Original Score, Sound Composition: Simon Stockhausen

Art direction: Ito Katsunori, Oshima Kanji

Cast: Torii Mao, Shimoda Atsushi, Takasawa Kurumi, Katori Yushin, Yamada Tetsuya

Format, screen ratio: 35mm (shot on DV-PAL), Color, 1:1.85

Running time: 111 minutes, 25 frames/sec.

Language: Japanese