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February 2009, berlinale forum

Film Discussions at the Forum

Photo: Dario Lehner

Like every year, in-depth film discussions with the cinema audience will be held following the screenings of most Forum films. In addition to the director(s), the actors or central figures from the film will also often be present at the screenings to answer questions.

All directors will be attending the premieres of their films, with many also attending the additional screenings as well. There are no film discussions planned for the film Araya, whose director Margot Benacerraf is 82 years of age, and the two John Cook films (Cook died in 2001).

In addition to the filmmakers, numerous actors will also be taking part in the film dicussions, including the two lead actresses from Sophie Fillières's film Pardon My French, Chiara Mastroianni and Agathe Bonitzer, and the four protagonists from Sebastian Schipper's Sometime in August, Marie Bäumer, Milan Peschel, André Hennicke and Anna Brüggemann.

The protagonists of several documentaries are also expected at the Berlinale. Michel Vaujour, France's legendary "King of Escapes", will present the portrait of his life in The Greatest Escape together with director Fabienne Godet, while the three female protagonists from Hans-Christian Schmid's documentary The Wondrous World of Laundry will also be present.