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February 2014, berlinale forum

Think:Film Award for Amie Siegel

PROVENANCE by Amie Siegel

The Think:Film Award which was presented as part of Forum Expanded for the very first time this year goes to Amie Siegel for PROVENANCE. The award, established in cooperation with the Allianz Cultural Foundation, honors a work that creatively uses its medium in order to grasp and reflect geopolitical contexts artistically, to broaden the space of aesthetic experience, and to encourage mental changes of perspective. The award includes presentations at the Arsenal in Berlin and at the partner institution Cimatheque - Alternative Film Centre in Cairo. Jury members were Mohamed Beshir (Cairo), Marcel Schwierin (Berlin), Ala Younis (Amman).

Jury statement: "For its outstanding picture and montage, and the form it adapted to investigate the placement of an object from a shattered socialist dream within the contemporary art market, the Think:Film Award goes to PROVENANCE by Amie Siegel."

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