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June 2012, arsenal cinema

Point of View


DER UNWISSENDE LEHRMEISTER – KOMMENTARE (The Ignorant Schoolmaster, D 2011) is a parable about authority, education and language acquisition, inspired by the eponymous essay by the philosopher Jacques Rancière. Jordane Maurs interweaves observations at a bilingual Berlin school with discussions that she has conducted with Francophone Africans about language, bodies and power. Educational and colonial contexts overlap in associations and gestures. Schooling, instruction and submission. The violence connected to acquiring a language becomes palpable. After the screening, Jordane Maurs will show Haile Gerima's MIRT SOST SHI AMIT(Harvest: 3000 Years, Ethiopia 1976) from the Arsenal archive. "I don't think you can live very long if you still believe in exploitation because the world is sick of it." (Haile Gerima) (Tobias Hering) (13.6.)