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August 2021, arsenal cinema

The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program Presents: Albertina Carri

LA RABIA, 2008

Argentinian filmmaker Albertina Carri (*1973) became known in 2002 as one of the protagonists of the New Argentinian Cinema. Her work takes many forms and is unpredictable, with her fourth feature LA RABIA (Anger, Argentina/The Netherlands 2008) no exception. The great expanse of the Argentinian pampa and the sunsets there are breathtakingly beautiful, but the golden light is deceptive. The atmosphere between two neighboring farmers is dark and poisonous and things get rough – within marriages and extramarital affairs alike. Young Nati observes silent social brutalization, subtle and blatant violence, animalistic sex, and the killing of animals. She doesn’t say a word, but rather reacts with drawings that appears as animation and piercing screams. Pasolini’s no less disturbing film SALÒ O LE 120 GIORNATE DI SODOMA (I/F 1975) screens as a director’s choice, in which four tormentors at a villa sacrifice boy and girls to their sexual perversions. (bik) (31.8.)