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March 2018, arsenal cinema

THE DEFA Foundation presents

DIE ABENTEUER DES WERNER HOLT, 1964 (©DEFA-Stiftung/Waltraud Pathenheimer)

The theater actor, director and auteur Manfred Karge turns 80 in March. To celebrate, the DEFA Foundation is presenting two of his films. GEWÖHNLICHE LEUTE (1969), Rainer Simon’s part of the anthology film AUS UNSERER ZEIT, accompanies Hannes (Manfred Karge) and Adele (Heidemarie Wenzel) on their honeymoon. In flashbacks, they reminisce on times spent together. Simon creates a realistic picture of society in everyday episodes. Playing Gilbert Wolzow in Joachim Kunert’s anti-war film DIE ABENTEUER DES WERNER HOLT (1964) was one of the most laconic roles that Karge assumed at the DEFA. Adapted from the first part of the eponymous novel by Dieter Noll, the film uses different time levels to tell of the friends Holt (Klaus-Peter Thiele) and Wolzow (Manfred Karge), who are conscripted into the army during the last days of World War Two. (jh) (5.3.)