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June 2019, arsenal cinema

Filmmakers’ Choice: Sex, Power and Ambiguous Animals


For this program, we would like to be a group of beings that do not differentiate between our organs of perception. For us, seeing is like hearing, hearing is like smelling and smelling like tasting. Perhaps the uncertainty of the present prevents us from becoming such beings. A possible escape from this uncertainty is offered by a synonym: ambiguity. We have compiled a program that opens up a space of ambiguity. Additionally, we would like to cite from the book: “When Elephants Weep. The Emotional Lives of Animals”:  “Would a cat enjoy seeing a mouse […] stretched on a rack? It seems unlikely-injured mice in traps are of only fleeting interest to cats.” “Some traditional tribes in Madagascar say that when sifaka lemurs lie on high branches in the morning, facing the sun, with their eyes closed, they are worshipping the sun.” Presented by Anja Dornieden and Juan Gonzalez. (ad/jg) (19.6.)