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June 2014, arsenal cinema

Filmspotting. Exploring the Deutsche Kinemathek’s Film Archive


The release of the book and DVD "Wie haben Sie das gemacht? Filme von Frauen aus fünf Jahrzehnten (How did you do it? Films by women from five decades) is dedicated to female "German filmmakers of the past 50 years. Many of the films of the female pioneers of the post-war generation are represented in the Deutsche Kinemathek: Their works are archived here and distributed for international screenings. Ula Stöckl was one of the first women to study at a German film school. Even before the women's movement of the late 1960s began to express itself through film, Ula Stöckl dealt with a specifically female/feminine perception of existing everyday structures, as well as cinematographic conventions and means of expression. The director will talk about her early works with the author of the book and DVD, as well as about her experiences as a filmmaker in the context of New German Cinema. (ah) (23.6)