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July 2019, arsenal cinema

70 mm: LORD JIM

LORD JIM, 1965

As part of our series of projections in large analogue image format, we are showing LORD JIM (Richard Brooks, GB/USA 1965) in a restored version from 2006 from the Sony Archive in Los Angeles. Based on the 1900 novel by Joseph Conrad of the same name, Richard Brooks tells the story of James Burke (Peter O’Toole), who is disgraced and dismissed as a British merchant seaman after leaving a sinking ship as the first officer without concerning himself with the fate of the other passengers. Jim attempts to rehabilitate himself after landing the risky task of delivering weapons to a remote settlement in the British colonial area of the jungles of Southeast Asia, which are to support the local population in their struggle against a tyrant (Eli Wallach). Freddie Young, who had already shot Peter O’Toole as the titular protagonist of "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962), did the cinematography for the film in 65mm, largely on original locations in Cambodia. (hjf) (5.7.)