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July 2012

"Karen llora en un bus - Karen Cries on the Bus"

by Gabriel Rojas Vera, opens: July 26, 2012

Stills from Karen llora en un bus

After ten years of marriage Karen leaves her husband. Basically, so she tells him later, they were never right for each other. She wants to make a fresh start, find out who she is – or could be. But beyond the emotional issues this step raises first and foremost practical questions: Karen has no job, no friends, and hardly any money. She gets by somehow and meets Patricia, a hairdresser, at the cheap flophouse where she has landed. With her younger and at first glance stronger friend by her side, Karen takes her first steps towards independence and meets Eduardo, a writer. A woman on a journey of self-discovery. What is the driving desire behind her actions? At which point has one found oneself? How easy is it to mix up what other people expect with what you actually want? How much loneliness can we bear? When do we stop making compromises for the sake of a conventional notion of security and stability? In describing the small steps that Karen makes, Gabriel Rojas Vera focuses on the character’s inner life rather than the external drama. With great sympathy for his characters he tells a little story that touches on big questions.

Gabriel Rojas Vera was born 1977 in Bogotá, Columbia where he studied film and television at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. After completing his studies, he directed several short films and worked as a screenwriter for the production CSPC in Guadalajara, Mexico. Karen llora en el bus is his feature-length debut film.

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Columbia 2011, Running Time: 98 Min., Format: 35mm, Language: Spanish with German subtitles, Scriptwriter and Director: Gabriel Rojas Vera, Camera: Manuel Castañeda, Sound: Carlos Rincón, Music: Rafael Escandón, Editor: Carlos Fernando Cordero, Producer: Alejandro Prieto, Caja Negra Producciones, Bogotá
Cast: Ángela Carrizosa Aparicio, María Angélica Sánchez, Juan Manuel Díaz